Turned On By ****... More Than The Man

When with a man i am not 100% into kissing and cuddling.. hell I just want to suck his **** make him squirm and get super turned on that he NEEDS to ***** me.  Something so taboo and nasty about spreading my legs for a man and letting him **** me like a woman.  Plus the feeling of a nice hard **** plunging in and out of me.  Like the feeling of being a mans **** hole.. he using me just for his pleasure...(damn got hard typing that!)

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16 Responses Mar 6, 2010

I agree, for me I like women, my wife...but secretly want to suck a **** again., I have 2 times. And want to lay on my side and have a man **** me from behind. Never have, but want to. NO kissing.

I hear you. That is so true for me too. I love ***** and ***. I love to feel them, taste them, smell them, and look at them. They are hot, sexy, and amazing. I love to have them ******* my mouth and filling it with ***. I would love to have one ******* my sissy *** hard and feel the *** leaking out after they used me. I am not attracted to men really...just their ***** and kinkiness!!

you describe it very nice just the way i feel when i get my ***** plowed like that

Just a strong **** in my *** for me too. I hate the idea of making out with another man.

I ain't into the kissing either, just bend me over and **** me hard :) fill me up with your *** :)

that is how i feeel no kissing or anything sucking an fill me up

whackingwatts... YOU are the kind of man i love to have **** me for sure!

well bybybuster, nice to find someone like me i would love to get my **** out and stick straight up your *******,

I love the full meal deal. I love the fondling, the kissing, sucking, licking, *******, *******. Men who enjoy other men fully are so passionate. I want their naked bodies all over me. I want all of that. <br />
<br />
I too like the emotional connection with my wife/women. I want the passionate, naked, erotic, physical connection with men. Just the way I'm programmed.

me too i just like the idea of lying down or me lying on top another man pushing my **** in and out of the *** hole, then filling it up with *** also no kissing or cuddling, just *******,

I am EXACTLY the same way. I don't care about looks, just give me that ****. Cut, uncut, large or small, just be able to nut on my face or in my throat!

I enjoy men, especially with a condom. It is 99.9% secure against aids. And, I guess if that doesn't work the hell with the aids. I love men and love **** in my anus. I am fully gay and love man2man sex. I believe that mansex is god's gift to gay men. I am ready for more and don't plan to hold back. Give me his erection up my nether region. I fully enjoy the entire experience. I want him to stretch my anal lips. I think it is the most enjoyable experience a man can have with another man.

I am a man that enjoy using sex toy that streched my rectum. I would like to have sex with another man, but I am afraid to get infected with a aids. I never have sex with another man. Just with my wife.She does not like sex anymore. And I have find out that I like anal sex.

Isn't sex wonderful ? I'm so glad that I discovered my desire for men before I got too old to enjoy it. I am 63 and have thoroughly delighted in all aspects of erotic encounters with men for nearly 14 years now. I don't think of it as nasty so much as thrillingly sensuous and erotic. I am a bit of an exhibitionist and love having men oogle me, fondle me, desire me. It is so much more fulfilling than when I had sex with a woman, so many years ago. Men seem to be more sexual and appreciative of another man. I'm so glad I embarked on this aspect of my life.

LOL well my tailchain and rb71246 comments I can see you two are **** ****** also!... what is it about a **** ******* you that is so sexual, nasty, fulfulling, and pleasurable? I dont know but boy do we love it!<br />

It is just such a total turnon in everyway to offer myself to a man and his **** with my head down and *** up and spread open for *******. I imagine him taking in the sight of my rosebud between my two white cheeks. It is already wet and glistening in anticipation of his penetration. I just love showing it to a man with a hard **** in his hand. Then he touches me with the tip right in the center of my nether mouth. I imagine me being able to taste his precum through my fleshy little ripples at the entrance to my love tunnel. And then it happens, THE PENETRATION and the oh so wonderful stretching of my anal ring by his white hot head. If he has a large head on his penis, the rippling of my anal walls as he moves in and out is just so amazingly wonderful. When I am being taken like this, I am a woman.

I like the feeling of being filled up. I too delight in the hard ****, especially thick ones. I love to suck him and then spread my legs to make it easy for him to insert his erection into my *****. Feeling filled up and enjoying the in and out of his erection pulling and tugging on my ***** flesh. I love sitting on his lap facing him with his manhood up into my nether region. That way I control the in and out movement and can also kiss him while were having wonderful anal intercourse. We can feel all of our sweaty skin against each other; he is fully erect, hard and turned on. It is a total experience.