Bath House

I went to the city to enjoy a jazz festival. In the evening I decided to visit the local bath house. It is a clean active facility and there was an abundance of erect, naked men. I decided that I would be more adventurous and installed myself on the leather swing they have in one of the side rooms. I very much love anal ( I am a bottom) and wanted there to be no confusion as to what my intentions were. The swing is designed so that I can lay back with my legs up and my *** fully exposed. I lubed myself ahead of time, left the sliding door open and waited for my visitors. I didn't wait long. Two gentlemen soon arrived both already hard and eager. The first wasted no time walking up between my legs and smoothly inserted his **** into my ***. He moved swiftly in and out bringing me to a feaver pitch. He came in no time & then moved over for the next man to continue the fun. The second man's **** was thicker and longer. He found my hole & entered me with enthusiasm. I felt the stretching of my ***** lips and the fullness of his wonderful ****. He held onto my legs, which rested in the elevated stirrups. He moved in and out of my ***, his large balls slapping against my tail bone. He soon began to show increased signs of excitement. I felt his condom covered **** become more engorged. He increased speed and intensity & drove his **** in & out each time stretching my *** lips & canal. I revelled in the intensity & the wonderfull fullness. His 7" repeatedly became intimate with my ***. He was about to *** as was I. I thrashed back and forth with enthusiasm. I rocked & thrust my *** up onto his ****, into his groin. My voice echoed throughout the room. "**** me, **** me with that big man ****. Fill me up, drive it home". He grunted. He thrust harder, grabbing my *** to bring me onto his erection more firmly. Then we both came, almost at the same time. He firmly drove his powerful groin against my pubic bone, his erection massively filling my ***** hole. He held tight while he ejeculated and swooned. He fell against my chest onto the swing. We embraced, our body sweat mingled. We kissed & tongued each other. Our groins ground into each other. It was an amazing entanglement fully man2man. Testerone filled the air. Our unshaven faces chafing each others skin. It was what I had gone there to do & it was a mind blowing success.

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Hott story, but laying down in a harness, dimly lit room...are you really able to get a good sense of their hygiene...crabs, herpes and such? Hate to be a downer, but that is the **** that goes thru my mind when I'm unzipping a man's pants - getting a good look before I take a mouthful.

Excellent question. I do make sure that my 'man' has a condom. Then I do watch for
spots, leasions, cancors, fungus on a man's body, as well as his ****. So, you are
exactly correct to be concerned with this. In nearly 20 years of gay activity I have not had any concerns. Now, that could change in a nano. So, I'll wait to tell you more. phil

You are the bomb. I want you soo bad.

never read this kind of story before but it was hot . thank you

very nice adventure gets me hot reading it good work.

Great story. I've often thought about going to a bath house but never have yet.

You really should go sometime. Especially if you've already visited ABS and sucked ****. I started by going to the baths first then graduated to sucking the **** of a friend, then a couple strangers. I love being ****** and love swallowing ***.


wow, m so hot now, about to ***

wow! hot

Rooster, well that could be arranged. I live on the west coast and enjoy meeting hard men when I can. I can imagine you would be an excellent guy to work with. I'd bendover and spread my legs for your hardware any time.

tmafio, glad you liked my story. It is a true story and I have numerous others that I could tell. <br />
I just had another fun time yesterday in a nearby city. Man2Man sex is too much fun.

WOW.... Holy **** was that exciting to read.<br />
encore, encore