Confessions of a Boy Ballet Dancer

I was sent to ballet classes at a local dance school by my mother here in the UK when I was 12.Up to then I took part on competitive sports.My mother feared I would get injured playing rugby and  that such sports encouraged aggression. She had taken ballet classes as a child and was really keen I try ballet even just for one term.Not suprisingly I was horrified.Ballet was only for girls and sissy boys who liked to wear tights. I knew how much my mother wanted me to try ballet so I agreed very reluctantly.I wanted to hate it and wanted to hate the girls in my ballet class..I was the only boy learning ballet in a school of over 200 girls! To my suprise everyone was really nice and encouraging to me.Unlike sport the ballet teacher did not scream at me and use make abusive comments.The ballet mistress was a lovely attractive woman, gentle and sensitive.The girls in my classwere gorgeous in their tights and ballet dresses and seemed to like ahving a boyi n the class.After a few weeks of attending class in shorts the ballet teacher spoke to my mother at the end of class about buying me a pair of tights.I dreaded the thought of tights and felt downcast when my mum produce a pair of black ballet tights and told me to try them on.My reaction was that the  ballet tights felt incredibly soft and comfortable and gave me a freedom of movement I'd never experienced before. I love ballet and now have no problem I saying that I enjoy wearing tights.

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I too tried ballet. I war on the wresting team & would walk by the dance dept. Saw couple guys in the class . So i would sneak to the next town over to a dance studio and tried it. I loved it. 3 other guys in my class made it better. My teacher was male. Told my parents i was going to the gym. Kept my tights & slippers in my gym bag. Still take ballet today.

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when I was 9years old. i too had a passion for ballet but both of my perents where against me doing it so i missed out now it wasnt untill 2006 that i saw the film billy elliott that drove me into wanting to do ballet again now at the age of 30 years old after cheeking out some ballet classes for adults i have finaly found one i like i was scared at first cos haveing to wear a padded dancebelt support cup thong Leotard footed tights and ballet shoes and being the only boy learning ballet in a class of 13 or more women in the class ! To my suprise everyone is really nice and encouraging to me.the ballet teacher is a lovely woman, The women in my class seem to like having a male in the class.After a few weeks of attending class i got used to wearing a paddeded dancebelt support cup thong leotard footed tights and ballet shoes into class and the women always smile when i walk in the room I'd never experienced anythink like it before. I love and enjoy ballet