Women In Need Of Discipline

This is not a business.There are many women, of all ages, who need to be taken in hand. Some of these get really desperate and fall into the hands of sadists. These are men who enjoy abusing women and constantly seeking the most vulnerable where their need is so strong that they easily succumb with horrible results. I love women and want to help them if I can.

My most recent experience was with an 18yo who had been disciplined by her father as a child and continued to need this.When she approached me I explained that it would take some weeks to establish confidence and during this time we would talk about it and how I would deal with her. The desire become so strong that she went to a man she had never met and she thought he would just spank her. He raped her and because he was so large, and she was a virgin, he caused damage. The girl could not go to the Police, or her parents for fear of explaining why she went to the man. She is now highly traumatised and just frightened of me as well. This is a horrible story and is why I take such care with Newbies to the world of Discipline.
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I'm 19 and really want to try having a spanking but haven't been open to it until now

You are so right.
I believe that safety should come before need.

Unfortunately a lot of pseudo dominant men who just lure them in to have sex.

Sad to read what happened to that girl, but nobody, should put themselves in that position

I am somewhat experienced with bondage and discipline --- primarily spanking that I cannot get out of because my discipliner knows my naughtiness and need for stern discipline that is also somewhat embarassing and x-rated. I just crave and love to be disciplined/spanked in embarassing ways. My sexuality awareness started late in life when I learned other women and men had similar interests and cravings whether as the naughty girl or the discipliner who was going to make sure she got her just deserts. I use to not play it safe and then stopped for a couple years to think about things and am realizing my cravings are more than okay and needed --- I just needed to learn to try to fulfill them in safer ways!!!! cc

I understand, I crave to have my spankings be very effective and thorough. However I don't give up safety as that is why I spank only bare bottom.

I would just love to be dominated by either a male or female especially by getting a good spanking maybe even have my ***** spanked

Yes I do spank *****.I believe in a thorough spanking.

have posted that you desire, crave, need to be spanked.
There is, of course, nothing to be embarrassed about in that. Spanking promotes discipline, which in turn promotes self-discipline and personal betterment.
Please review the many spanking based postings here and join in wherever you feel comfortable.
You may also correspond directly with me if you like, it would be my pleasure to discuss spanking with and/or to perform upon you. S.Y.B.N.

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