Hanging Out Of My Shorts

I've always gone commando and in my youth i used to wear a pair of very short cut off denim shorts, back then (70s/80s) everyone wore short shorts, this was great for me being a bit of a flasher as i could let my **** innocently hang out of one of the legs whenever i sat down, this would happen on the bus, the train, the park even in the pub, it was great and lots of women have seen it, some mention that it's hanging out in which case i'd tuck it away and appologise, once or twice in the pubs in Middlesbrough some of the game girls would give it a little pull, but surprisingly most said nothing and either moved away or more offten stayed to look.
I'm still doing it now but i wear running shorts now, there's nothing like sitting down exhausted from a run on a park bench and letting your **** hang out for all to see.
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7 Responses Sep 25, 2010

Done the same thing for years too, it gets great results to this day.

I did a lot of running in the 70s and early 80s. After the shorts had been washed and worn a few times the elastic lining would stretch and my **** would in all innocence bounce out - hee hee!!

I have been doing this too for years and love it. The best way to do it is to have a "Flash Partner" as it looks all far more "accidental" too.

write clearly how the girls react when u keep flashing weather there are launching or just ignoring

i used to do this with a friend of my ex. She would smile and giggle and aways keep taking looks. i would get hard and make sure she had plenty of chances to see me. Wish i would have had the time to mast-ur-bate and *** for her.

both. I have shorts that even a bit long can with large pantlegs give a nice cockknob view for the ladies. I like shopping malls and particully womesn's clothing areas where women like to change and try on clothing. They seem to want to exhibit themsleves too.

I too like hanging out "accidentally". The key to getting favorable responses is to have them believe it is an accident. With the styles of mens shorts now so long its hard not too look like a pervert running around in short shorts all the time. Fortunately I am a shower not grower. I was blessed with equipment that is more than adequate to peak out easily even when wearing somewhat normal shorts. Its a lot harder to play the innocent role while wearing short shorts. You get a LOT better response when the girls believes its an accident.