Maid Servent

I dont know what is it with me and servants. There was a new female servant who was appointed in my house and it so happened that i just returned form a holiday. I didn't know about her before, but when i moved into the kitchen where she was chopping vegitables i noticed that she was just staring at my thing, because i don't usually wear an underwear in my house and since i wear cotton shorts, the perfect shape and size of my thing is visible.

The mear fact that she is seeing my **** aroused me so much. Then again when one fine day she was in the kitchen doing some work i did go there wearing a tight cotton inner pant which perfectly was body hugging to my penis. As usual she looked at me but the only difference this time she gave me a smile.
skiller644 skiller644
22-25, M
Dec 12, 2012