I Was 15 When I First Encounted A Male Exhibitionist

I am living in Seoul, Korea. And this is my true story.

Until I was 15, I never knew or heard of exhibitionist. It was sunny spring day, and after school, there was no one at home. I was bored, and sitting on the edge of the upstrairs window looking down the people passing by.

Several Korean housewives were chatting in the middle of the alley way, and I spotted a man dressing in a suit coming cloer to them. When the ladies noticed him, they all ran back to their house. Full of curiocity, I pulled out my body and tried to look at him.

At first, I thought I was not sure what I was seeing. This gentleman, wearing a suit but his fly was wide open, and his penis was hanging out showing his erection. Even after the ladies disappeared, he was not in a hurry, slowly he went into the blind alley.

My heart was pounding hard, and all I knew was finding out what was he, who was he.

I put my shoes on, and ran into the alley he just went in. The alley was narrow even during the day time, but I could see him lean back on the wall and he was ******* off.

I tried to hide my self watching, but soon he saw me....and he slowly waved his hand to come closer. he was about thirty something, and gentle looking. I didn't know where did i get the courage, but I came closer to him. He was smiling at me as if he knew what I was sought after.

It was right in front of my eyes; his erected penis. I never saw the real erected penis in my life until that moment. His uncircumsized **** was fully erected, and his **** head was half coverd by the skin...it was Big.

He was still smiling at me, and put my hand into his ****. My hand was shivering with an excitement I didn't know where it came from. he guided my hand holding his penis up and downs. his buging veins, and pre *** covered head...and its smell, I remember to this days.

Suddenly, he noticed my bulging penis under my pants. He first touched through my pants, and gently told me, it was okay to pull my pants off. At first I hesitated, but he insisted it was okay.

So I did. I pulled my pants till knee. There i stood in front of a stranger showing my erection i never showed before. Fully erected, my penis was still covered with skin.

He touched my penis as if it was the most precious thing in the world.And eventually down on his knees, and put my penis in his mouth. The exitement I could never forget.

Than he asked me the same thing for his penis. I felt obliged to follow him, and put his penis into my mouth as he guided me. It was sliky pre *** covered, and my mouth felt the taste of it. With my eyes I was the excitement he was in....as if I was empowered.

Soon he shoot his load into my mouth...and I spitted them out immediately. And he was down on his knees again, and gave me a blow job...and when I was close to *** he held me still and let me *** in his mouth...he swallowed my *** as if that was the most delicious thing in the world.

Then he stood up, and put his penis back into the pants, patted my head, saying good-bye.

KoreaJot KoreaJot
46-50, M
Jan 16, 2013