Hmmm Guess Ill Try To Explain My Story Too

Ok, here goes, I have always felt more affinity for woman than men, even as friends,men dont do much for me in any way and I am a man, the part that made no sense is this, I have discovered I would be a woman if I was born a woman but dont want a sex change and if were a woman I would only love other woman, how much of a mess is that, I dont think I would be accepted in the straight or gay world, as a man my favorite people in the world as friends are lesbians, life seems a big mess.
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Anyone in a "gay" bar is going to understand you, when you sit down and tell them your life story. About how you felt "different" all your life, and everything you wrote up there just fully explained, they will understand. They have felt that way as well, be confident in who you are.

I totally understand that. :)

Me too.

there are many who would accept you

please, let me know who they are as I need some friends