Yeah So Totally Wodnering Where We Belong.

Growing up....

I spent most of my time, flirting with chicks, on their doorstep. and...talking to women. 90% of my friends were female. Almost everyone I'd actually talk to or at least feminine in nature. I think like a woman, i have gendered hobbies. I generally watch shows that i watch for the romantic elements...I’m a totally nice guy, I can't imagine being mean to a woman. But at the same time I find that our perspectives mirror each other’s.... like the way they see the world and I do's the ******* same thing. so much the same thing.

I look, at transgendered groups and those who are in them happen to be GAY too. In Portland there is NO meet up for transgendered individuals that are attracted to the opposite of their original biological gender.

it's hard to network, for women who are into this sort of thing. I'm here in Portland Oregon and I don't know the first thing to do to find a girl here that wants a bigendered male....
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Yes so hard, so very hard. Yet I still have no idea why women dont choose guys like us for a partner, but instead they prefer some chauvinistic thugs that will beat them up and leave them in a mess.