My Story

Of my Granny's first seven grandchildren, I was the only boy.
And we were and are a clannish family. Not like when Granny was alive, but still.
In my growing up days, it was me, six girls and two boys younger than me.
Granny raised me mostly and all six of the girls came around a lot to play. Or I'd go to their house.
Therein lies the beginnings of my tendency to feel a bit female.
My aunt Wanda was battered somewhat and she would cry in front of me sometimes.
Wanda was also the first woman I saw naked.
My cousin Gina was the first girl I saw naked. We were playing in the creek when I started rubbing her tiny nipples which were poky from the cold water.
After we got on the bank, we each got our first kiss and I got to put my hands inside her shirt.
The next day, the whole gang was there and we played hide and seek.
Gina hid with me in one of the primo spots and we started kissing again with me rubbing her nipples.
Later in the day, our cousin Sabrina caught us kissing. After threatening to tell, Sabrina agreed to just join in.
Sabrina was older than me and had some real pretty - and tasty - breasts.
From then on, it was us three against the world.
To this day, I call them both my sisters instead of cousins.
And no, none of us lost our virginity together.
Throughout my life, I've been surrounded by girls. I've been accused by men of being gay. But I'm anything but.
I probably get more ***** than three of them.
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Well I can't beat you six. I am the youngest of four I have three older sisters 5, 3 and 1 and a half years. No Dad around much so it was meal times of 4 v 1 and that doesn't include sleep overs and friends round I was outnumbered up to my neck.

But that was nice after you hit puberty? It was for me.

Yes, I did make for some interesting evenings. What we know is women are obsessed with sex even if they say they arn't.

Most are, yes. And it usually starts pretty quickly after the onset of puberty.

Its good to have a strong feminine side and still like girls...Would have loved to live next door to your family,.with so many "girls next door"..The story was good since it was all pretty innocent and fun..Thats refreshing these days.

Soooo....Is that what they mean when they say, "kissing cousins"? ;)

My ex boyfriend was a male lesbian. That's actually the only reason things worked between us. It really was like dating a woman. Which was good, because I'm a lesbian.

It has worked for me for a lot of women.

Ya. It's worked pretty well for him too.

My drill sergeant pulled me aside one day and asked me if I was gay. I'm not but always felt "not typically" fully male.

I'm exactly the same way. I feel I have a female gene or two.

Well some men are simply jealous of things they see as a threat!

That's true. The average male is so territorial.

sadly they are....or just moronic...either