Male Lesbian

I had never heard this term until recently. On a road trip with one of my female friends, she make the comment that, "I was a "Male Lesbian," because of the type of songs on my iPod." (90% female singers, 8% classical/instrumental, and 2% male singer, because I prefer the sound of a woman's voice, over that of a man's voice.)  I just figured Male Lesbian meant I loved Lesbians, who doesn't?  You are taking something most men love; women, and multiplying it by 2, you are doubling what you love.  Doesn't matter if you are involved or not, the thought of two things you love together, double love, NICE.

I'm not embarrassed to say I'm a Male Lesbian. I am straight, in a sense, I'm only attracted to Bi-, Lesbian women.  My brain is Female, while my body is male.  How did this happen you might ask? Well my best answer is, that while I still in the womb, some chemical signals got crossed and there was a switch up before birth.  I'm okay with this, I do have a Male protector persona, from not knowing what it really was I was feeling growing up.  I know now who I am,  I'm comfortable expressing myself.  Since I'm 6'4", and most people have to look up at me, I don't feel threatened.  I do have a hard time not getting told the worst 6 words ever, "You are such a good FRIEND."  I realize why I get told that a lot, because I'm saying things, that they are already thinking.  I think just like a woman does, but I can also filter it through the "Male Persona" to get the other sides view.  I listen and actually care about others emotional state, and hope to receive the same in return.

  I have guy friends; but I don't hang out too much with them, if it wasn't for shared interested in computers and target shooting/firearms safety classes, I probably wouldn't hang out with them.  I don't like watching sports, I work out but that's just for my own personal health, so I can live a long life(knock on wood).  I work out with female friends because, there is less pressure to act all macho, it's about being healthy.  Not everything has to be a competition does it?  I am competitive, but with things like knowledge games(Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, ect.), or things that involve fine motor skills(Darts, Pool, ect.). I would have put on here target shooting as well, but since my friends can't hit the broad-side of a barn, there isn't much competition.  I do enjoy going shopping and carrying the bags, but more for the conversation and activity than anything else.  Basically anything were women can sit and just chat, and I put the male part of my brain into sleep mode is nice.

I don't act Female, I act Male.  In public at least, in private I enjoy relaxing and being me.  I should take the time to warn you however; The Male Protector(Persona) part of me, is a bit of a Rampaging Psychopath, but only when anyone tries to hurt me or the one's I care about.  Then all bets are off and I go bat-**** crazy, and protect those I care about, by any means necessary.

If anyone has anything to say, let me know and leave a comment.  Thanks.

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that is what im really feel

Thank you for your story. :) I think my male side is weaker than yours it is good to have a moderating voice.

God made us all unique and special, I know that the things in my life helped shape me to who I am now. I am proud of who I am, I am willing to educate anyone about my own personal life, and how what God planned for me is unknown, but I'm so happy that what ever is going to happen. I have faith that at the end of a long happy or sad life, God will take all my hurt away and I will be whole One day. Thank you for your kind words, they do mean so much to me.

I forgot to add you have a voice, you just need to have friends and loved ones help you express it and let it out, so that it can comfort you when you need it to and protect you when it has to.

Nice words, thank you. :)

We all come here for support to help keep us whole. Now that I can truly express how I feel, without being afraid, I just want to be positive and help instead of self-destructive, and negative. We are all human, nothing separates us but a few bits of DNA. Thank you for the nice comments, they mean so much to me. Bless you.

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