Bi-gender Or Merged Twins

I posted this story a couple other places but I figured it worked here too enjoy.

Ok so I am a Bi-gender male, and while over thinking which I do alot. I realized a better way to describe what we are, that doesn't make it sound like a mental disorder. We are twins, that for some reason didn't split apart.

Instead we merged, and the only thing left of our twin, is it's mind. We share one brain, and one body. To use a S&M metaphor with Dominate and Submissive. The Dom twin got the body, but the less identified mind, the Sub Mind if you will. While the Sub body was lost, the Sub Mind however took over the Dom Mind roll, because it had lost everything else, except maybe a few features on the Dom body.

Dom body=Sub Mind, how we only partially feel.
Sub body=Dom Mind, how we really feel.

Like I said I over think a lot, guess that's what happens when you have two brains, neither of them want to shut the **** up. Anyway, let me know what you think if you are Bi-Gender or know a Bi-Gender. I would be curious to others thoughts and opinions.
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I feel like you are close but missed something to be honest. I am bigender and to be honest what you are saying sounds more like transgender. I switch between to distinct states of male and female. They have an equal share of my body which leads to a rather unnerving body image roller-coaster. My femme feels four 4'1", and my biologically male 6'3" body is quite clumsy at times. At other times thought my body fits like a glove, and I couldn't be happier.

However I wholeheartedly agree with the twins analogy, because while both halves are me, they are so very different, and yet the same. I personally use a coin analogy myself. Sometimes it lands heads, sometimes it lands tails. Still, there arn't many of us, and research is very lacking because of that, so it is probably more that I didn't fully understand the whole 'dom bod' 'sub mind' thing. I am just glad there are more of us out there to be honest.

Yea it's hard to explain how you feel on the inside, without coming across as mentally unbalance. I had a hard time explaining it to my friends and family, some got it and some didn't. I feel better now, knowing that what I feel isn't crazy, and that there are others out there who feel the same.

Coin analogy is a good one, some situations I get stuck on one side, others it just spins back and forth.