Men Are Superior To Women

Woman was made for man, man was not made for woman. The purpose of a woman is to become a wife to a man and potentially a mother to that man's children. A wife is a rib returning to the body, leaving behind their temporary childhood personality and keeping only the aspects which are compatible with her new identity as Mrs. Him: her husband's 'feminine side' and appendage.

No woman will ever know the true satisfaction of being a woman until they have found a good man and surrendered themselves fully to his authority. Men do not need women except to breed, but women need men to exist. A man incurs extra cost, complication and obligation to his life when he takes a wife. He does not do this for the 'pleasure' of supporting a complaining, competitive, manipulative, self centered imbecile, he does this to receive someone who will love, assist, empathize, serve, please and be a trusted comrade to himself.

Yes, I know that most western males these days are so effeminate, immoral and stupid that it is disgusting, but still the average man is superior to the average female. Now, I will also acknowledge that compared to most western men some few exceptional females are actually superior in mind, morality and sometimes even strength (these are my favorite kind of woman) but the upper crust of males still runs circles around even the best females.

Those few females that are truly elite tend to acknowledge and appreciate masculine superiority with great zeal anyway. Really only the weak minded and shallow want to live against nature, but until the tribulation comes (very very soon), the weak minded and shallow will always be the majority.
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If you putrid scum dont agree with the truth I will not tolerate you.

Men are superior to women and I love it. And I love this post and thread.

Sing it loud and proud, be a rallying flag for other right thinkers.

It gives the weaker men secret boners and makes them have to confront their suppressed instincts and it makes the disrespectful over inflated lesser women envious and flusterpated which they richly deserve.

Yes, despite over 160 years of feminist whining about "equality," men still produce virtually all the food, shelter, energy, tools, and everything else women need to survive. Men are still stronger and more skilled at virtually every field of human endeavor. Women are needed for bearing our children and necessary for the future of our families. Women are also helpful in a partnership with men. One cannot assign a relative value to something or someone that is necessary for life.

Yes, we all have our way of being a contribution to wheel of life. No one is more important than the other. The wheel needs us all to work for the benefit of the whole.

I love your posts wolfman. Keep it up! :)


The kind of people who talk most about 'equality' are the least likely to actually measure up (and the men who want in those people's pants). Just like the type who talks most about the 'survival of the fittest' are the least fit for survival. It is simply motivated by vanity, selfishness, delusion and greed. To match such a mentality I would have to insist that all people are world chess grandmasters. everyone but especially those who have never played. I would have to neglect my own natural affinity and skills, denying that they are what I should be doing, and rather insist that for doing not-a-thing I am a world chess grandmaster, and furthermore I am ENTITLED to prize money. If a real grandmaster wanted to share his winnings with me, that would be a form of oppression, I should get ALL of it. And if I EVER actually do play a game of chess I want a special new cutting edge space exploration vehicle to take the news of my absolute chess supremacy to the far side of the galaxy and if possible beyond. And furthermore I want it known that I INVENTED chess and I want royalties anytime chess is played anywhere. Just as juliette lewis discovered california and madonna invented cobalt, I want and deserve history to laud my contributions.

People tend to favor the lazier of two choices, not because it is better but because it is easier. Go ahead girls, be my equal, I like the idea, but dont try to bring me down to get it and dont just award yourselves unearned trophies. You want equality? Meet the standards, come up and get it. No, not just being loud and lying to use the very unequal system against men who wont yield to your demands, that is not strength, that is corruption. I have met females who came close to equality and they were generally the first ones to say that it was much harder for them to meet the standards (physical, mental, moral) and that women who do less than they have are a joke and arent even in the running. Be the equality you want me to believe. But one of the first things you will realize if you do, is that most other women not only won't, but can't.

i agree with you here that you cant be self entitled and demand respect without earning it. to insult you and then demand respect is unproductive, so i apologize for ever insulting you. and people who think that achieving goals is easy is a moron. that's the beauty in life, the challenges set out for us to overcome. it gives more of a rewarding feeling to have achieved a goal when it was difficult. and no goal is unachievable. whenever people have told me something was too hard or complicated in academics i have accepted the challenge and succeeded with flying colors. and that's because i take my academics seriously. i find people cannot surpass because they dont have the confidence in themselves. laziness is self doubt.

I partially agree, and I get insulted so often I dont even recall if you did, either way I have no grudge. Take care

There are a few chicks who might be physically stronger than me in certain ways, but I will bet a nickel that with half the training and none of the drugs I can beat any of them in any strength event. There are lots of chicks who are more agile than I am, but a wounded tortoise is more agile than I am. There are guys who no woman can match in agility. As for contests of intellect, same deal, the brightest men run circles around the brightest women. Women are not much force in general and that is because they are not supposed to be much force, they are supposed to be beautiful (especially inside) and nurturing.

I have been told not to post things on the net when I have been drinking but what the hey, right is right regardless the source (or the condition of the source). I am not really seeking to convince anyone, I know how strong the human will can make ignorance, I am just celebrating the truth, inviting like minds to do likewise, and wiping my feet on the leftist carpet because it so dearly needs it.

The male ****** is the only one that matters.

Actually males can ********* without orgasming. Therefore male ****** is unnecessary for reproduction.
If a female ******* the ***** have a better chance of making their way up into the uterus as the cervix dips down to help facilitate ***** uptake. It appears male ****** doesn't count except for pleasure.

All gestating babies start out female, the Y chromosome gives a (healthy) child something which makes it develop beyond femaleness. Adult women have the facial features of a prepubescent boy, this is because the female development is not as advanced. Sickly poisoned, premature or otherwise compromised boys tend to never develop the advanced masculine features. Human brain size has been directly and conclusively correlated to I.Q. and NO, that chick so many people say has the highest I.Q. does not really, her score was grossly exaggerated by incorrect calculations which if used on even little old me, would produce a higher score - and I know damn well that my I.Q. is not the highest in the world.Female human beings, like the females of most mammals are the inferior and subordinate gender, even if all the talk and games may cause common simpletons to believe otherwise.As a man i seek to emphasize my masculinity, and my extreme masculinity complements extreme femininity and vise versa. There is a beauty in embracing what one is and there is a sickening dangerous ugliness in denying it.

*clap clap clap* you listened and provided some solid fact. Well done. Did you prove men are superior ? Well... Not exactly but you are on the right track. You only proved that we are Genetically different ( and for the sake of your arguement that is the correct strategy to pursue.)

Women are the smaller sex.

Its pretty obvious that men are superior to females in every way that can be measured or counted. Females are really good at being female, making babies, but at everything else they are not as good as men on average. Individuals vary a lot though. Some women are stronger than average women and stronger than weaker men, but a strong female is not as strong as a strong man, not now, not then, not ever. Same with thinking or reasoning. Women are all about feelings, lust, wombs, ovaries, and mammaries. Despite over 160 years of feminist haters claiming that women are "equal" or even "better" than men, they still have never been able to feed, clothe, shelter, or provide for their own basic survival needs. Despite all their irrational hate feelings, females are 100% dependent on men for their daily survival, always have been, and always will be.

I agree 99.99999% Dan

Beware of female supremists! They might cut your balls off someday...,

How can someone who is my "equal" want to harm my reproductive organs? I don't say that about feminists or female supremists. Notice how no one really cares that you said that but if I said that feminists should have their ovaries cut out that I would surely receive a fecal hurricane for a response? The reason for this is that men are taken more seriously, that is why women can say and do so much with so little consequences. Everyone, even women know that women are inferior, even if they have become deluded enough to avoid being consciously aware of it they still have that knowledge running in the background, assuring them that they will be ok even if they do things that men would never be allowed to do. Anyway, if an idiot of any sex ever tries to harm my testicles, they had better do it in the most sneaky cunning way possible because if I or my family (regardless of male and female) catch them trying the perpetrator will not only be chastised rather severely but we will also prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

Wow, this has been a fantastic read, comments and all. ;) WoodsmanKayl I will give you credit for answering so many comments, and keeping true to your form, although I do not share your philosophical views I won't resort to calling you any names, nor trying to show why you are wrong. Amazing.

Well, from my experience, not calling me names must be quite challenging for someone who does not acknowledge the accuracy of my views. I salute your discretion.

LOL. Yeah, no kidding. After reading so many comments from your opposition I was amazed that I actually, dare I say, grown to like your approach to how you stay so kool and collect, even though some people get all emotional and childlike. I must say there is a lot of barking going on in this, to use your phrase "internetlalaland", I guess many need to make themselves feel better by resorting to petty jabs and name calling, thankfully I feel fabulous and have no need for such low blows. Indeed, casting pearls before swine, and btw I have My own swine to tend to. Hah. Cheers to you. Truly you have a distinguished mind of a different caliber. ;)

Advocate, a kind word is certainly a welcome thing, you present yourself as a person capable of courtesy, dignity and intelligence, if more people were thus the world would be a better place.

Hey CockroachKayl maybe you could take Thedevil as a mentor and learn abit from him?

No I could not

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Some adults need correcting. I didn't come on here treating people like how I have been treated, I am just responding to the extreme disrespect I have been given. People who harbor this kind of punkyness inside and then let fly on the internet are the real psychos, they are disingenuous in life and then if ever they think they are outside of accountability they let fly. <br />
<br />
I am the same in real life as I am on the web, but due to my non-"politically correct" but polite demeanor, most people return my smile and if they disagree they do so politely, and in turn I am also courteous, gently explaining that there is more to life than they are seeing and then politely going on my way.<br />
<br />
Here in internetlalaland every dog gets to bark and I am tired of it, I don't start out barking at people but that's exactly how they start out with me (on the internet only). In real life I would and have put myself in harms way, and been hurt quite a bit, for people even if I don't like them. Yeah if someone wants to run their mouth at me internet style in life I will introduce them to accountability for their 'free speech of the insulting kind' but I really am still comparatively gentle. I might take things to the mat if sufficiently provoked, but I am not going to truly hate or harbor a vendetta.<br />
<br />
I have a few friends who are not as gentle as I am and I have had to risk losing them as friends to stand in between them and people that disgust me just because I knew they were going to cause permanent harm. You don't know me, you don't care, all you know is that you want to force people to believe the rhetoric in spite of the facts, and those that don't play along you browbeat with insults, peer pressure and wished for kicks in the genitalia.'<br />
<br />
I have been going through this my whole life, I am tired of it and I have learned some things. I am and always will be a defender of the safety of my fellow man, but I know that a little gentle (but persuasive) good old fashioned corporal punishment is just what the doctor ordered for people who are so impolite, surely it's not any worse than wanting to kick people in the reproductive organs for thinking in a way I don't like.<br />
<br />
The way I have been addressed here is unacceptable and I guarantee all but the very shortsighted or highest on crack would do so in real life, if not for fear, for their own public dignity. The internet is thought of as a 'free for all' carte blanche realm of 'letting it all [the worst] hang out' but people are people no matter what means they use to communicate. I am a person, my beliefs might not sit well with some people but the title of my post was not "people I want to kick in the nuts".

Ok, your right, you are all equal to each other.<br />
<br />
"Kick ....nuts" Internet bravery is sanity draining disrespect.<br />
<br />
I have addressed all of the nonsense so many times before, I am sick of writing it.<br />
<br />
Until you come to recognize that what I have said is factual or at least learn to communicate more politely, rationally and respectfully (and yes, even strangers should receive a degree of respect - if not for their own merit, for the class and decency of the those giving it) your not welcome in my lovely little corners of EP.


Fourier Transform, since your will is firmly set on living in a fantasy, rejecting reality and speaking with enormous insolence to those who don't play along, I will be removing any comments from you which anger me, I don't deserve high blood pressure for being right and I also don't want to have any more not-nice fantasies of my own.<br />
<br />
P.s. I know what an economist is and all but a few are part of the problem, you can't see it, but your playing candyland while the N.W.O. plays chess. And also, even if that womyn is an awesome superhero of an economist (which I highly doubt) I still don't owe her jackfiddlediddle and she still owes men her whole artificial little world.

I am not a catholic, because the catholic church is a sinful cult.<br />
<br />
I owe nothing to any of you,<br />
but you all do owe a lot to me and men like me since the reason you can all walk around bubbleheadedly thinking that you are so "equal" that you can even tell GOD how "wrong" HE "is", is because men like myself used our courage, intellect, strength and lack of fear to compete and INITIATE change to tame the wild and build and defend the vast infrastructure that protects and 'emancipates' you all to the level of the ungrateful 'entitled' asininity which your currently enjoying.<br />
<br />
I have little doubt that you all might be some lovely college educated darlings that pull a disgustingly overcompensated paycheck for the pencils you push, and your probably all 10X richer than me, but money is not everything and people like you have caused only hardship to me and mine (and Citizens of poorer countries all over the world), you never saved us. We are not moron enough to involve what little we obtain honestly and with real work, in the machinations of such "investments" (gambles) which your kind paints as 'noble' (even though your really just playing around other people's money and are accomplices to thieves).<br />
<br />
I will never apologize for not playing your make believe game, which is just another hedonistic diversion those who lack real substance engage in to give their lives "meaning". Folks like you remind me of most of the charecters in the movie 'Caligula'.<br />
<br />
<br />
Carry on(ward), (not) as you were.

There are none so blind and those who will not see. That post was only great in its tedious and irritating length.<br />
<br />
I don't know what bevmo is but you can get the 'champagne of brainwashing' in heaping abundance almost everywhere in civilization.<br />
<br />
I just clicked the wrong word in the spell checker, nothing to panic about, see I fixed it.

Well now, I guess that most people, for most of the duration of history and at least half the people of the world today are "mentally ill".<br />
<br />
By not going along with the herd and subscribing to the relatively NEW modern Western paradigm which was implemented through a DOCUMENTED, PRE-PLANNED AND ADMITTED intense campaign of brainwashing through psychiatry and media, it means that I am immersed in my "own insanity". <br />
<br />
By not ignoring the self evidencing natural facts in order to please others, I am experiencing "obvious mental shifts from reality".<br />
<br />
WRONG.<br />
<br />
See here, while your psychobabble is highly insulting, it is not only inaccurate and contradictory, it is also gleaned from sources which in fact classify most people who ever walked the earth as "mentally ill". Psychiatry is a racket that uses a kernel of truth to tell a HUGE lie and you have either swallowed it, hook, line, sinker, pole and fisherman or you just want others to do so. Either way, though you will call me a "grown-up child" who "never was able to step up to mental maturity", I nonetheless reject your stinky regurgitation of pleb pablum.

Having to explain that the sky is blue gets old and being addressed with such insolence really burns me. <br />
<br />
You can't talk reality away, even if you are smarmy about it. Women (even the tough ones) live within a realm that is insulated from the harshness of reality by men. If that were not the case, through fragility and irrationality women would quickly become extinct.<br />
<br />
You don't like that idea, but human biology doesn't care what you like. You remove all the male invented things and the male built things and the male tamed things and the male farmed things and the male himself, what is left? Dirty scared naked women standing in the wilderness, the probability of which to have a counterproductive and dangerous emotional meltdown grows exponentially with each minute. The "independent" ones would be the first to perish because they would not yield to reality but hold their breath and insist that reality yields to them, which it would no more than a steamroller yields to an ant. <br />
<br />
The strongest women I ever met could easily put the mouthiest bulldyke in her place and those women would be the first to tell anyone that "equality" is not only a lie but a robbery.

School's out and all the kids came to my house to regurgitate what their programmers told them. <br />
<br />
You all have your eyes tightly shut so you can better picture the daydream that you superimpose over reality. You all go ahead and run around thinking the sexes are equal, you "men" try to make it so by becoming weaker and stupider and you "women" try to make it real by getting mouthier and stupider. But I won't live in a daydreams to please anyone, I live in reality and here in reality, REAL men, such as myself, are vastly superior to women.<br />
<br />
You can all cry and call me names and break your arms patting each other on the back but truth is not negotiable.

You definitely have the right to express your own opinion wolfmankay1, and you should. People shouldn't be crying & calling you names either because of it, that would change anything anyway. It just makes you believe stronger in your views & opinions. Yes, you are correct, in saying than women are the smaller and weaker sex. Men are for the most part, superior to women in physical build and strength. God knew what he was doing when he created man (Adam) and then a woman(Eve) for Adam. He designed their bodies to fit together perfectly for their sexual pleasure and for procreation. Their sexes complimented each other, and they needed each other as helpmates, teammates, for friendship, for companionship , for love and to procreate. The bible talks of Adam and Eve as husband and wife, and, so it was God who instituted marriage, not man. Since God doesn't show favoritism to anyone and he is no respecter of persons, why, sir, do you think men are superior to women? Oh, I admit, men are special, but then so are women. God is superior over man and woman, and he isn't going to judge us on the basis of who is more superior on earth, man or woman. His opinion is the only one that's going to count in the end anyway. Yes, the bible does say that husbands are to love their wives, as Christ loved the church, and gave himself up for it. It does say, wives submit yourself to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord. It's talks of obeying your husband and that was in regard to Sarah obeying Abraham. The problem that can arise from that word "obey" is what if a wife was married to a husband like " Jack the Ripper? " Or someone that beat her up, physically abused her, and, or, their children? Also, since the man's superior, he has the right to treat her and punish her anytime, and in anyway he wants. That's not what God intended to happen to women. He gave women free will just as he did men. They are just as special to him as men are. The two become one in flesh when they become husband and wife. If people would only obey and submit to God, first and foremost, instead of believing only what they think is right, and want to believe, they wouldn't worrying about who is most superior, because they would know that GOD is.

Correction: that wouldn't change anything anyway

Women don't need men? They are only able to live "independently" because if the infrastructure built by men and the ongoing efforts of men. Most women in Western culture are "emancipated" little bubbleheads that run around thinking they are doing things 'all by themselves' while they stand on the shoulders of the men who have tamed nature enough for them to exist somewhat unsupervised in it. <br />
<br />
You have your head where the sun doesn't shine.

Yay, Kitti! That was the first thing I thought of, if there were no women, there would be no men. Period. End of story.

If there were no rocks there would be no men, rocks must be 'equal' also.

Sorry, WRONG. (again)

Then why is it that more men than women get remarried after divorce? The number is quite dramatic. According to the 2005 census, divorced women are extremely reluctant to remarry but divorced men jump into it almost immediately. Sounds kinda needy to me. If, in fact, you CAN read. This may be edifying for you...I dare you to read it.

Probably because wives make good servants and sex slaves. Can you blame them?

Wouldn't it be interesting if I really couldn't read and I had to have someone narrate all these comments to me and then I had to dictate back to them my responses? It would be strange, unlikely but perhaps plausible from a certain perspective.

A rare gem. Nice to hear the voice of a REAL woman. True femininity is something to be proud of and something all women-trying-to-be-men secretly envy.

What woman would ever want to lower herself to become a man? Didn't anyone ever tell you...? God made man first...because he was still practicing...! Woman was his final and finest creation! Honestly, that was a joke. Unlike you, I'm not threatened by men and so I don't feel the need to bash them. I'm sorry mommy didn't breast feed you and that you have anger issues you've yet to master. What fun it would be to meet you in person and have an actual discussion based on factual data. Realistically though, it would be a waste of time. You're the reason why that bumper sticker is so common that says, "My mind is made up! Don't confuse me with facts." Tell me...did you graduate from High School? Did no one want to go with you to the Prom? Is that why you hate women so much? Did you have really bad acne or were you extremely over weight and unpopular with the ladies? I'm guessing one or several of these things did in fact occur...but really, no need to pout and whine. It's not very manly.Oh, and by the way, without a woman, you wouldn't exist. Just saying...

I'll pray for you.

If I remember correctly, I think some of my scores were too low to justify allowing me to pass the sixth grade so I think they did some fudging just to get me out of there. None of that other stuff applies to me though.

"No woman will ever know the true satisfaction of being a woman until they have found a good man and surrendered themselves fully to his authority."<br />
<br />
...very true, Sir... I say this to those that will listen, but being only a female, sometimes it tends to go into one ear and out the other. <br />
<br />
Don't worry what they say (as I'm sure you do not,) about what you have shared here. For few can stand for anything to exist they cannot, themselves either understand, or claim to have hand a hand in its creation. <br />
<br />
Enjoyed your words here, Sir:) Thank you for them:)

My, my...what a good little girl you are! "Sir" this and "Sir" that...
Your overwhelming need for male acceptance is so, so sad. What will you do one day when you're older and all alone. I hope you know that statistcially speaking, you will be alone in your later years...meaning, without a man to tell you when to sit, stay, roll over...swallow. When you have a moment, look up the term "Uncle Tom." It's of African-American origin but there's a segment of the female population (thank God, a small one) that behaves exactly the same way but in terms of gender rather than race. I do hope that you're educated and gainfully employed and that your 'man' (I use that term loosely) does NOT control your money. If so, you are SOL.

Excuse you for your slight interruption and total lack of understanding of to whom you speak, for I am an owned slave by choice of lifestyle. I live to be pleasing and find great reward in knowing I'm good at this. Simply because I am not like YOU would wish me to be does not negate my beliefs. I stand for the good in all females that realise they are a gift to men, for the female brain can work both hemispheres in concert to come to conclusion, while the man's brain delegates communication to the rest of the body and actions then taken one side of the brain at a time. This does not, in any way, make the man inferior to the female, for such quick thinking to action is necessary and proper for the man so that he may be the protectorate of our species. By the same token, the female's brain processing with both sides allows for greater mediation and deeper planning. This is why I will always feel that men need the females. But we need them as well, for they are the ones that provide the strength to action. I will do my best to overlook your trite comments directed at me, your insinuations that I am neither cultured nor educated. Indeed, I hold two degrees, having graduated both times at the top of my classes. As for the "uncle tom" reference, I should take great offense at your suggestion that I know nothing of literature, considering I am a published author, as well as professional editor and copy writer. But even these slights at my character I will try to overlook so that I might address what really has me bothering to even grace your comment with a reply, and that is your insinuation that my "MAN" is not a man, since he abides with me in our chosen lifestyle. How dare you suggest he is anything but good and kind and thoughtful of me and to me at all times. Again, you are treading on ice beaneath which waters run a depth you do not know in a current likely too swift for you to fathom. However, in fact, we are veterans of the rude attitudes and intentionally hurtful words hurled at us for being different, so we have crossed these bridges before, and we make many friends upon reaching the other side. We find that though we may have our differences, we are essentially all seeking the same thing in life; trust and validation in understanding. We make the trek to learn new things, meet new people, take on new challenges and embrace new ideas. Perhaps you should try that sometime, instead of going along with the crowds of judgmental ignorants who crunch all these mortality numbers to make all these statistics to suit their supposedly moralist agendas. But that would mean you could again be skating on the ice whose depth you may never know... and if you burned it through with your judgmental hatred for that which you know so little and understand even less, who, then would be up the proverbial creek?

I mostly agree with you, though not on every detail, but I feel compelled to salute your eloquent cogency though, if more people wrote like that I would skip fewer of their posts. Oh, and like whatsername said there, (for writing like that and many other reasons) you really are a good girl. Keep it up and take care.

Showing respect is not an overwhelming need for acceptance. However your post does show a lack of respect.

tulick blocked me when I stated her deepest secret.

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Neither I nor reality need defending against you fella, I was just stating a self evident fact. You don't seem to fancy pearls, but I am charitable. Your welcome.

matthew 7:6...Good for you! You know the quote but have no cognizance of what it means. I actually teach religious history at the college level and would be happy to tutor you. That is, if you possess the humility necessary to be a student. Then wouldn't want to "suffer a woman to teach" you...Like Paul, you're clearly uncomfortable among your intellectual superiors. What a gem that Turkish tentmaker was, huh?

Thats what you got? "Turkish tentmaker uncomfortable around his intellectual superiors" Which superiors would those be? The Pharisees and Sadducees? The Apostles? It is obvious that you are disregarding the validity and the divine nature of Pauls testimony and teachings, though they clearly echo and advance much what the Scriptures have always taught. Humility is a fine thing, but in this case humility isn't the issue, to regard you as a tutor in religious history I would have to be gullible and that is a trait I do not possess.

i believe men r superior to women

Yes, without the religious mumbo jumbo.

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