How I Became The Woman I Am Today

Hello ,
  I am a male to female cross dresser , I have been doing it  since 2008 after my Mother died in 2007.
   I began experimenting at first and made the mistake of telling a close family friend of my Mother about it , and she didn't like me doing it and made me promise to throw all my feminine things away which I promised to which I did ,this was my first purging .
 I had grown up over the years knowing this woman when I was a young little thing ,she even showed me pictures of me when I was a baby that she knew me  that far back .She disapproved of my being dressed as a woman ( religious  grounds) and didn't want me doing i anymore , that was a few years ago ,and I hardly ever talk to her of call her anymore . 
  I do have other friends that know about me and except me as a woman and a sister ,I was adopted by a woman I knew  for years and has called me her daughter . She passed away last year in November of 2011, I still miss her .
  I have met another frie4nd through my adopted mom who also excepted me  for who I am and treats me as a woman and called me Sheryl .
(Sheryl is my feminine name I go as when I go out dressed as a woman ) I go out almost everyday as a woman I feel like a woman , think and have feelings as a woman ( Lord knows I cry a lot sometimes )  I've had a clo9se friend I used to hang out with and we shared our feelings about things and Men and boy friends ( some men can be total jerks at times ) ( me I don't have a bf *boy friend* ).
  Sometimes I wish If I had the money I'd have breast Implants done to me ( Possibly DD size ? ) .I go to my chat room which I won't disclose here for private reasons , but have met friends online and gotten to understand things  a lot better than whew3n I first started out .
  I still feel like I need improvement on my makeup skills and wardrobe ( I live on a fixed income so money's tight ) and when I can I go to thrift stores and sometimes ,once in a great while find a bra I can wear . ( Last week I bought one that is a little big  so I might buy me  some new and larger breast forms or not ? ) You know when we get bit by the shopping bug ? Anyway More later .
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i am glad you are able to be yourself hon, i cant, also i am very sorry for your loss of your close friend.i wish i had a woman friend i could trust about my dressing and to have her help making me more of a woman that i want to`s good you have or had someone to share your feelings