How I Got Here

I started dressing at about 8years old. I knew it was wrong I should not dress in womens clothes. I used to watcxh my mother and grand mother getting dressed, I was fasinated by stockings and how they applied make up. I used to wear my mother clothes and discovered Tights/Pantyhose. Well they were great and still are. I love my smooth legs in nylons it is so wonderful. I am 53 years olds and dress as often as I can with no support form my wife who really hate my dressing. She doesn't stop me and I dont think she could I love the dressing experience too much. 

Helengirl003 Helengirl003
2 Responses Sep 24, 2008

That must bring back wonderful memories thinking of your grandmother and mother putting on their nylon stockings.

Like you I started young (6 y/o) and I thought that it was wrong. Little did I know at that time how right it was for me to wear female clothing. My wife supports me cross dressing, she caught me about 1 month after we wed. We are now married 33 yr's.