Its Not Only Girls

Its not only females who have eating disorders, nor is it only teenagers.  I am far from being a teenager and am not female, yet I have had an eating disorder for many years.  Few suspect this, that dont know, because, as My partner said, I dont look anorexic and, as I am only 5'3 people seem to assume I would be this thin naturally.. if only they knew.
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I am doing a reasearch paper for school and we have to have a person as a source, ,my research paper is on eating disorders in men, I was wondering if you would be willing to do like an interview?

You are totally correct Msterling.. and its not considered masculine to be obsessed with one's weight either. If anything its considered normal to be overweight rather than under and people assume that men who are thin are either built like that, or do drugs as you said.<br />
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Thanks for your support :-)

I actually belong to a group on LJ for men with Eds.

I believe a lot of men have EDs but the majority of them restrict their food and exercise.. I havent known or heard of many who use pills or purge but I am sure they are out there.<br />
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Thank you for your words and please know if you want anyone to talk to, feel free to email Me here..

yes, I would be willing to answer your questions. Email Me here. :-)

Would you be willing to answer questions for a magazine article I am writing for my english class in college about males with eating disorders?

Hey. I'm a student doing a survey on males with eating disorders and I'd like to ask if I could interview you a little? It's okay if you don't want to, and I understand it. But anyway, thanks for sharing your story here :) Wish more guys would be able to admit that they're not okay with their eating...

thank you.. its a struggle, but I am still here to fight it so thats something. :-)

Kudos for sharing this. The more men speak out, the more public knowledge it becomes. I wish you the best for your battle. <br />

Thanks and Ive friended you back here. :-) There are men out there with it, but its so much seen as a female disease that its hardly acknowledged sadly.

I'm so sorry that you struggle with this..There are many men out there with these disorders.....people just need more awareness of that I think .......<br />
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I am not another male ...nor do I have this problem ...but I am a good listener ...should you ever need one ..good luck.<br />
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