Going Off Road In Stileto Heels

The ground is dry and hard so my heels hardly sink in at all. It is uneven however, lots of little bits of up and down with occasional dips and tree roots. It's hard work but I'm making progress.
I can in off road (well path) in 4 inch heels.
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3 Responses Sep 18, 2012

Great fun. I've walked up to four miles in four inch wedges over all kinds of terrain - concrete to rough ground and pebbles - and recently walked on the shingle beach at Brighton in six inch sandals with 1.5 inch platform. I have pictures to prove it. I just love the wobbly feel and the adventure of each step!

Shingle beach, oooh! X

not the best mixture

Me too! Many of my first outings in heels were when camping with the Mrs.