I Am A Man And Want To Be A Real Woman - Continued.

I have been open and honest to myself for a few months now and I have told most of my family and friends that I am tg. Some have taken it well and others have ran for the hills. And yet some that gave a good imitation of acceptance in the beginning have closed themselves off from me. My doctor started me on HRT at the first of the month while I am loosing weight and my once 'man boobs' have grown from a 48A to a 46B and I notice them much more than before. One of my nieces went with me to look at bra's at the first of the month (my first bra ever) and I found myself sexually excited at the anticipation of my first bra. We ended up having to leave because of it and I quickly recovered. I have been wearing nail polish of neutral colors - clear and flesh tones - so my dad wont notice. I have made a few trips to the electrolysis and had a counciltation with a plastic surgeon. I have found that the whole thing is going to be at least 3 years and $42,000 just for the FFS and GRS. It is going to take a few decades to save that kind of money. There is another experimental surgery that I am interested in witch is another $8,500. This surgery is meant to give a womans voice and has had mixed results. I am working on some female voice programs but I have not noticed any improvements as of yet.

I have been remembering bits of my blocked past and have realized I could have started coming out when I was 15-16 but I totally closed off when the therapist said she wanted to talk to my dad. I am told this is common and that many people create a persona to protect themselves from the pain. Well I will write more later as my story continues.
Rose35 Rose35
36-40, T
Nov 29, 2012