Nail Polish

just love having nail polish on me being a sissybitch! i am a man and wear nail polish on weekends and keep my toe nails painted pink all the time! during working week have clear nail polish on my nails and change to pink on weekends! just love to wear open toe sandals to display my painted toe nails!1

mandiejune mandiejune
51-55, M
2 Responses Mar 7, 2010

I also enjoy the look of painted toe nails. Sometimes people do give me a funny look when they notice, but no negitive comments.

I am a man too and love to wear nail polish. Plain nails look so plain. Why is it that men are not supposed to wear nail polish when it looks so pretty and sexy. I just love looking at my feet when I have nail polish on. So far I've kept my painted nails a secret except for yesterday when I forgot to put socks on when I was hooking up our trailer to come home from camping. But I don't think anyone saw cause it was still early in the morning.