I Love The Suggestions Box

This was in my suggestions box.  What?  Seriously?   This is just one that simply has no rhyme or reason. 

Friends, what do you think?  Was my angel avatar somewhat androgenous?  Did I forget to shave my legs in my regular avatar?

Myonis108 Myonis108
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15 Responses Mar 1, 2010

Ah, an observation here, comes from living with 4 males: one farts, they all lean-in for a good nose-full and then each contributes his own fart for approval, they vote on the result, congratulating the winner with very loud, uproarious good cheer. Then they will inevitably contribute a few burps to the rapidly deteriorating air-quality of the room. <br />
I'm afraid I can't part-take, despite having been a real tomboy growing up. They out-testosterone me by great, immense margins!<br />

So is burping in sentences. :)

Being able to laugh at these recommendations is a talent.

When, look at this avatar. Do I look awake? The man boobs may have to be exposed...

I'm thin and get "I Want to Lose Weight" on a regular basis. I get friend suggestions that make no sense, either. One name keeps popping up and I have to admit, they're one of the LAST people I'd add!

WHOA! Oh, don't tempt me, Pedro. The caffeine isn't working; maybe I should go for the shock response?

Darn... I missed these last comments. Des, I think you might be right about the pig avatars. <br />
Please indulge me, though, while I gloat a bit. Mr. My is so far from fitting these manly descriptions, I'm finding myself wondering if maybe he's a woman in his own right!<br />
<br />
And yes, I can burp the alphabet. It's quite impressive.

Oh, yes! As Faucon says, EMBRACE your inner MAN! Start engaging in disgusting personal habits, start hogging the remote, and learn how to burp the alphabet! Oh, wait...you already know how to do the last one... ;D

Oh, great idea! I think I'll head on over to Walmart in an old t-shirt and some bad jeans and do just that! Then I'll turn to the little old lady next to me and in my best Isaac voice, say "Nooo, Baby, that wasn't me." Hopefully the timing will be right and they'll pipe in "Shaft" while I'm talking.

No, faucon, just boobs. Nothing to shave, so I imagine it might be a little dangerous. <br />
Pedro, I AM speaking lower...kind of like Isaac Hayes. How could you not notice?

I'm wearing Mr. My's underwear and cologne today. I think I'll try shaving my chest tomorrow.

I get a kick out of reading them. They make me laugh.

LOL! you can make everything fun.<br />
<br />
I get the most annoying suggestion, I have hidden mine.

Really, why would this be a viable suggestion for me? I don't shave my chest, wear a protective cup, or shave my face. Why would I want to join a group about being a man in my own right? HA. I could see Mr. My's reaction to "I am a Woman in My Own Right!" ooooo...That's scary!

Hahaha I know My...some of them are simply ludicrous...I think I have trained myself not to see them anymore.:)