Marrying A Bisexual Women.

I have always known she was bisexual. In a effort to be a supportive boyfriend I encouraged her to be true to herself and her feelings about women. With honesty and support I figure we can get through anything. I told her that before we talked about marriage she should have a solid grip on what it is she wanted in life and family. Once she made it clear she had and she wanted me in her life I proposed to my girlfriend. Anyways shortly after i proposed she opened a line of communication with me about having other women in our bed. Specifically she would like me to choose a woman i find beautiful and have a *********. She made it clear she felt she needed a women in her life sexually and wanted me there. My only wish is to support her with all my heart but i want to make sure that i am not indirectly making her feel like it's something i need to have. It does sound sexy but she is the one I love and cherish. I just wanted to ensure I haven't indirectly guilt-ed her into this. I have asked her directly and she's swears it what she wants. So I guess what i am looking for here is the input of other bisexual women on how i can best handle this with love and care so she come's out of this feeling like the princess she is to me and not awkward, confused or conflicted. Thanks I look forward to your input!
notrowtalks notrowtalks
May 14, 2012