In Front Of My Wife

Yeah, not sure why but I have a fantasy of being gang raped by men in front of my wife. I imagine a home invasion as they barge into our bedroom. They quickly grab her and tie her up as I am attempting to fight them but am outnumbered and get a blow to the stomach. They are drunk and wanting to ****. They hold up my beautiful wife as she starts crying. I can't bear the thought. I beg them to do anything to me but please don't hurt my wife. They say ok if you can satisfy all of us we won't rape her. They throw me on the bed face down and two hold my arms. A third holds my ankles and the fourth slides down my briefs. My wife in crying harder and begging them to please stop. They spread my legs and place a pillow under my crotch so my virgin *** is up in the air. They comment how fun this is going to be. They ask my wife if she ever ***** me with a *****. NO she screams. They spread my *** and one guy forces two fat fingers into my hole. I scream out in pain. And he comments, nice and tight just like I like it. They turn my head so it faces my wife. They tell us to look at each other as I lose my virginity. He presses his swollen cockhead against my hole. I don't think it's possible without hurting me. I squint my eyes. But then he plunges in. I scream out in pain as does my wife in anguish. He picks up the rhythem *** ******* me without mercy. I am moaning and crying. You thrust till he **** and I scream as he goes ball-deep. After a min he pulls out and that pain is almost as bad as the entry. In 3 seconds another guy in in me. This time another decides I should suck him. He ask my wife if I ever sucked **** before. He tells her if I don't do a good job then she is next. Hearing this I know I have to make him ***. As my *** is being plowed I suck as much of the guys **** as I can. It was 7 inches and unbelievably thick. I could barely open my mouth wide enough. It gagged me but I was determined to finish him. I sucked and moaned and moved as I was ****** from behind. Finally with sweat and tears running down my face he explodes. The hot *** hits my throat and I could easily throw up but I suppress it. I swallow and swallow the salty ****. I have my *** filled a second time and am in so much pain I think I will die. The last guy it was too much for as he takes out his rather small uncut **** and starts beating off in my face. He quickly shoots all over my face as the **** in my mouth softens. I keep sucking hoping this is the end. Spent they gather their clothes and congratulate my wife for marrying suck a fine ****-sucking piece of ***. They quickly leave and my wife comes to my side. She wipes the *** from my face and hold me. I have the taste of *** on my breath and I can feel it pouring out of my stretches ***. She says she has to call the police but I refuse. I will not live my life as the man who got gang raped. We live with it and never speak of it again.
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