Nipple Play For Harder Erection

My nipples are super sensitive, especially the left one and when I play with them my **** gets very hard, very fast. It brings me to the point of no return.
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66-70, M
3 Responses Dec 1, 2012

me to I love to get them rubed an sucked makes me hard

This is hot man. I'm like this too.

Playing with my nips will get me hard every time. I love to play with my nips when I *******... even better, to have someone else play with them, suck on them, twist them. It's amazing how much my nips can handle rough play and how much harder I get when it happens.

Soft or hard stimulation ?

Soft, gentle stimulation.

Wow! We're on the same page here.

OMG, Yes, Yes, Yes!