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BRA and Panties With Silicone Breastforms

I love lingere but particularly bras and panties. In fact just yesterday I purchased a black bra that holds a silicone breastform along with a pair of pink panties amd a black garter belt.I can't wait to wear them!

glen glen 51-55, M 20 Responses May 1, 2008

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I'm not gay, but wearing bras with my breast inserts and panties on is a real turn on for me. I pleasure myself when my wife isn't around.

how will you get bras and panties and girls dress? will you buy or what?

I wear womens clothes all the time.I go to the store,nail salon,or to get a hair cut.We need more men to go out in public wearing their female clothes then society wont be so judgemental.Join with me and revolt wear your female clothes and lingerie out in public.

where do you live. I got my breastfforms at the glamour boutique in au
burn mass

You are so far away. I am in Texas. I wish I were closer as we could shop together. I would love that even though I am not gay. It would give me more confidence. My wife seems to be a little less confused about her discovery of my heretofore concealed sexuality. I want her to help me. But I think I would feel better and sexier if someone like you went with me. I saw on Internet that Victoria's secret has some very sweet items I would love to wear. I also need sport items to wear when I go to the gym. Thank you again

Where can I go to purchase my first breast forms, bra, panties. I have been to several sites and found pieces that are so exciting. Sizing seems to be the issue. What store(s) may I go to where I could talk with a sales lady and be respected and seriously assisted in finding what I need, complete with fitting? Thank you

I recently told my wife I would like for her to go with me and buy me thing panties and bras with breast forms. She reacted negatively. I am now tying to overcome that feeling from this "setback". Am I sick? All I can say is I have no interest in sex with men. Women excite me. But I have this nagging desire to wear panties and bras. I want to wear them any time and anywhere I desire. Obviously there would be occasions where it would not be prudent. We all know what society is like. But it feels so sexy to wear them. Almost immediately after putting them on, I want to have sex. Your thoughts??

wish i could see you, you sound sexy as hell

Thank you for the brief encouragement. It would be fun to meet to discuss this. Right now I NEED someone to talk to and go with me for fittings. The closeness, the intimacy, thy affirmation, ALL, must be a part of my life now! I need this! I need to dress in feminine apparel and wear them under my male cloths 24/7. I even think I should be able to go public in panties and bras with a sexy camisole. Thanks again

The good news. I wore some very nice silk boy shorts with lace frills and ruffles with a matching black bra with silicon breast forms that conform naturally to my body (36A) to my dentist office. I was dressed in denim pants and a loose white shirt.
Standing there is some indication of a breast outline. But when she asked me to sit in the chair she leaned over my body and her arm rested against my chest. I looked up at her and she pulled back and stared at me. I knew she knew. And I was even more thrilled. When she was finished and her assistant left the room she asked me if I was wearing women lengerie. (She has been my dentist for quite a few years. She is in her 40s, married, and attractive.) I was comfortable in responding that I was. She just stared at me then smiled and said, "Someday you will have to let me see." I weakly said that I would. She even recommended some stores and offered to meet me there to help me. She even told me she admired my courage. We discussed my sexuality (straight) and hers (bi). Wow I left there on a mountain. She must know she will be my dentist for a long time to come.

Please reply with authenticity, support, afor starters where are you from I would love to meetup sometime I live in conn how about you

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Why can't men wear bras, panties, and dresses to work? Women wear men suits and pants to work all the time. Why is one ok and the other not?

I must say that I just love it when I get home from a very stressful day and put on a bra with my
breastforms (which make my breast feel so real because of the weight) and panties. I feel like I am in heaven! At night I keep them on and wear a nightgown over my breastforms.

I wear Bras & panties 24/7 with a breast forms every day any wear I go with Girls jeans and tops at my age (76) I want too enjoy life.

I feel and do the same things. Life is to short not to enjoy it while we can.

I love dressing in women clothes - lingerie , dresses , heels, hose ..etc. AND , yes I do want a pair of silicone breast forms too !! I want to feel the heave and bounce as I walk in my heels ; I want to look at my profile and feel even more femme withthe shape of a normal woman - not a guy in womens clothes - I shave my legs and chest and anywhere the hair is abundant and manly - of course I keep my pube's neatly trimmed and on occation , will even shave my pubes completely smooth ... feels nice and grows back in afew days anyway...

bet you look a fuckable ****, sugar

I lost your phone # how about sending it to me

No offense, but some of you sound gay. I enjoy wearing women's panties and more, but have no desire to get breast forms. I don't know if I look hot and wouldn't want to hear it from anothef guy, but if my wife thought so I would be HAPPY with that. All I need to do is get her in the loop, again, on my fondness for the women's intimate apparel.

I erreci my **** and hang bra on **** and jerk off on panties what a pleasure ?

I love to wear my tight black panties around the house and when I go out shopping. Have thongs too and and other colors but favorite is Black! I only let the wife see me in some of her old white boby shaper panties and keep my other sexy panties a secret. so much more excitement wearing them when she doesn't know and when I'm in the stores standing next to some hot lady. I also wear my bras around the house and my wife knows I'm wearing one. But I start out with one of her old ones (40C) with full back and front clip that that acts like a back support brace. I started wearing back a few years ago by telling her I really needed it for the back support so she was OK. Now, after I get her to rub the "bad back spot" I'll later sneak off and change into the sexy black bra - see my pic! It's a great feeling to be wearing the black panties and bras while sitting there watching TV and she doesn't know! She'd probably be really pissed to know of my kinky dressing but that's part of the fun isn't it? I am sitting her now in some black panties and bra and black nighty with thigh hose as I type this and feel really good. And it feels even better as I share these secret desires with folks like you who have the same desires! Post those panty pics and let's share the feelings.................

that sounds lovely

I was recently attending a conference in Las Vegas. Each day I would walk past Fredricks on my way to the conference. One afternoon, I couldn't resist any longer. I stopped in and picked out 2 sexy bra/panty sets. It had been a while since I had last made any purchase much less have an opportunity to enjoy such lovely items!! I did not have my breast forms with me, however, I did fill out my bra well enough to have a little bit of clevage! I was in heaven for the remainder of the week!!

i know what you mean men's underwear sucks.

I love wearing bras and panties. I do not need any type of breast forms since I can fill a 40C cup bras easily. I love silky lacy bras and panties. They are so lovely and feel so good when I have them on. I get hard and jerk myself off while wearing bras and panties. I think every guy should try wearing bras and panties. Once he does he will never go back to wearing plain old jockey shorts.

Thank you for your posting. I am new here thus my reason for just seeing your posting. I am a straight male you shares your interest. I have for the most part thought it odd that men might or do wear panties and bras. My sexual interests involve my wife and ************ after arrousal from wearing bras and panties in public. I wore a very bold and sexy Bra I bought at Victorias secret. I went by myself; found a lovely young sales lady; asked if she would help me make a purchase of panties, bras, and silicone enhancements for 36b. I emphasized they were for me only. She hesitated. I asked again and asked if she could be descrete. She then smiled, touched my arm, put her hand on my back which revealed to her I was wearing a sports bra. She asked if I bought what she felt from them. I said no! She then sweetly scolded me to buy from her from now on. She rubbed my back and guided me toward some of her suggestions for me.
She asked what ideas I had and she would tell me if she thought it would work for me. We went through a lot of panties. We centered on young bright colors with lots of frills. I told her I have black things. She was young and she kept playing up to my ego. Good sales person. She showed me very cheery hot soft items and they fit me so nice. Then came the bras. She asked if she could touch my chest. I responded yes. She felt my chest and large nipples and said. Let me guess 36b. I said yes. We went to a wire supported really cute bright more pink bra and another very soft light pink. I tried them on. I wanted her in the private room but knew she would not enter. Before going in I asked how much this would show under my shirts at work. She answered if I wanted to be concerned or live with the excitement of the danger of being caught or under suspicion! She was right. I put on the hot pink one and felt so sexy. I heard her knock. I opened the door with the bra on. I did not want to cover myself. There she was standing, looking at my body in a pair of matching frilly panties and bra. She just stared at my breasts. Then she stuttered that she felt that if I was wanting people to stare then I need to see how the silicon forms would look. Smiling I said that was a great idea. She stated she would come back (no one around). Quickly I told her I had no idea how to put them in. There were 4 choices all gradually to increase fullness. She blushed. She came into the room leaving the door slightly ajar. She removed the second most full ones, and gently inserted them against my breasts filling the bra. She asked me to jump up and down. As I did with her watching I enjoyed the weight of them and got an erection. She placed her hands on my bra and adjusted me as I was facing the mirror and her standing behind me hands on my breasts. I could feel her pressed closely to me! I had to tell her, "I don't think you should stay. You are exciting me!". She got flustered and saw the outline of my erection in my panties. Blushing, she quietly left. I never felt sexier in my life. I asked myself how many women or if my wife would find all this so stimulating. She obviously did. I bought all the panties she picked out and the bras with the silicone forms. I wore one set and bra out. As she rang the sell up she noticed one panty and the bra I had on in the room missIng from the table. She asked if we had not gotten them from the rack. I smiled and told her I wanted to remember her and was wearing them. She smiled. She stated she needed the barcode thIngs. I asked her for scissors and went back to the room. She said she would meet me back at the room. I went back, undressed and waited. She knocked, entered and cut the tags off. Then I dressed; made the purchase. She was so sweet to help me and give me the confidence I needed. Now if I go back will she be there to help me? I hope she is. Now the big question what will my wife think? Oh, as I said, I left with two well defined demonstrative breasts in a very full 36b. I felt so bold. No fears. And excited wondering how people would react. It wasn't long before I was getting looks. I loved it actually. Sex that night was full of exciting memories.

i enjoy wearing women's underwear myself also i have a pair of silocone breastforms

what kind of panties do you wear rian. I bet you look hot

Me too I always cannot wait to wear my panties an bras it is a lovely feeling ,,,,,,wish yuo good luck . long live our secret group we all the same .we are sensative and womenhood .