Bra Is Best!

I've been taking hormones for many years now and have more recently changed on a different dose and mix and have developed some more of my boobs, to a point I now need to wear a bra. I wear a bra everyday just a normal day-to-day routine, I have loads of different ones for all sorts of occaisions. I put one on just as a normal thing and hardly ever think about it unless I get some abuse or comments. I love having to wear a bra and there are so many pretty feminine ones to buy aswell a the normal 'everyday' ones you need. Most of all is having a little something to put in a bra! justifing even more not just a liking of wearing a bra but of needing to aswell! Fantastic feeling! and on those odd and few occaisions when you have to go braless, well I hate it! I feel undressed and even with my small B cups, I find it uncomfortable when I dont wear a bra. Hey! and of course, the knickers have to match too whenever possible! c'mon just what kinda girl do think I am!!!!!! Be safe everyone.
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4 Responses May 6, 2012

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Great sweetie!! Be careful with the hormons, please. I have been working on my boobs for seversl years now. Massage, hebs, suction. I did try hormons for several months but didn't like the emotions I was having when taking them. And arousal issues.

Great story! Like you I have taken estrogen on and off over the years, and had gotten up to an A cup. However I wanted a full B cup so went the route of implants to get what I wanted. Now I have to wear a bra all the time, and don't care what others say about a male with large breast. I don't try to flaunt them, but don't try to hide them either. Never thought that I would love having them so much!

Great story, glad you love all your bras. I love wearing sexy bras, and with a see through blouse it drives the men and the women crazy!