I Like Wear Bra At Home

I am a straight male.  I like wear bra and panties when I am at home.  I don't know why.  I like it since I was 14 years old.  I just like the feel when I put a bra on and the lace on the panties makes my **** even harder.  My girlfriend does not let me to wear her bra and panties.  But I usually steal it in the laundry room and put them on.  I have my own bra too, my favourite size is 38B

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im 14 right now and i started wearing girl clothing since i was 11 but i only wear it in the house and its so comfy. im only allowed to sneak it because if my parents find out wish me luck

Enjoy and have fun! I love wearing smooth satin bras and panties. I treated myself today and bought a used liquid satin V-S bra and am wearing it now. I only wear bras and panties that have been worn by a woman. I am picky that way.

Same here. As long as I remember, I have been obsessed with bras. The first time I really fondled one belonged to my sister-in-law. It was blue, silky and padded. I was hooked. When I married a beautifull busty woman, I begged her to let me help her shop for bras. Always smooth, sex and PADDED. When she was away, I would break out all of my favorite bras of hers and play and later sleep with them. When she washes her bras, she always hangs them in a hallway drying rack to air dry. Whenever I walk by, I always touch and feel the pads and material. I never miss the lingerie department at department stores. I can spned an hour looking and feeling the material on the racks of bras. My obsession lead to buying bras of my own. This is just what the doctor ordered. I bought some huge breast forms to go with my new 44H bras. Now I have around twelve or thirteen bras and counting. I love the look and feel of my new big breasts. I wear my bras as often as I can, and alway to bed. I love my bras.

my girlfriend asked me one day if she could dress me in 1 of hur bras, as it is something she always wanted todo with a man. without having to think about it i said yes.( little did she know i had been wearing hur bras and panties for years) . and now im free to wear hur lingerie anytime i have even started full dressing in hur colthes and shes helps me do my makeup. but the best trill is going shoping with hur for lingerie and knowing its for me we are buying it.

Came across this thread while searching for others in a similar predicament...

I suppose I'm going to have to learn to enjoy wearing a bra all the time because my employer (500+ employees) just told me yesterday they've had complaints about my "bounciness" and large nipples showing so they are requiring me to wear a bra even though I'm a male. Though I am not overweight (5' 11", 165lbs), I admit that I do have much larger than normal boobs for a guy. My wife measured me and said I'm a 36-D. She says she's thought for years I should be wearing a bra but didn't want to cause me any stress or embarassment.

So, my wife is taking me shopping today because my deadline for "dress code compliance" is in 2 days. The alternative is suing them or loosing my job and in this economy I don't want to risk unemployment. The human resources manager (female) was clearly extremely uncomfortable delivering the directive to me and said she had exhausted all appeals to the higher ups and was sorry, but she would be required to monitor my compliance as well.

Let the adventure begin...

That is a first, never heard of an employeer requiring a male employee to wear a bra. But being a 36-D as your wife measured you I can understand why ... and it will be a lot more comfortable for you as well, Jeff. Enjoy ... just think of all the pretty bra and panties sets you can now not only get but wear to work as well.

Yeah me either. Apparently, times they are a-changing. A few years ago they re-wrote their policy manual to make sure it was not discriminatory in any way, and apparently all gender specifics were removed from the dress code as a result ...it requires modesty in workplace attire and apparently I can't, in their judgement, be modest enough otherwise.

The HR manager told me there are two others that she knows of that are currently in my same dress code situation and their prior compliance is probably the reason appeals in my case went nowhere.

I'm not too sure about being a lot more comfortable either. Maybe in time, but this is all quite new to me and is going to take some getting used to.

OTOH, my wife seems to be getting somewhat of a kick out of it as there is a bit more of a twinkle in her eye and she's having some fun teasing me now that the issue is out in the light. I can take the teasing, as long as she and others don't overdo it I think. She had some very definite ideas about styles and types of bras but I had to reminder her the goal is modesty rather than showcasing my "assets" so to speak.

Now I'm going to have to deal with another issue after having shopped for the necessary garments. My suit coats and dress shirts don't fit like they used to what with the new shaping, so some adjustments in that area will be needed or they'll probably call me on that before too much time goes by. Oh well its always something. I'll get through this.

Wow it is surprisingly cathartic to just sit here and write about this whether or not anyone reads it.

Have you tried a sports bra. It will smash up your chest so that its less prominent, it will also stop them from moving around too much. It will also make it easier for your clothing to fit properly. They will take a bit of getting used to but it might be easier for you and people wouldn't notice that you're wearing a bra :) There available in tons of colours and styles so i suggest you check some out. I know that this is two years late

What you said ... how true, how true! No doubt your wife is enjoying this, making pointers out of setters. :-)
Maybe you can charge your bras and clothes alterations as a "business expense" on your taxes, since it is required by your employer.

The business expense deduction would be a no-go. The tax code is pretty restrictive. The clothes required on the job must not be suitable for wear outside of the work environment. I don't think I could successfully make that argument and I'm not sure I'd care to contest it with the IRS either.

Work has been a trip. Everyday starts with getting trussed up and off to work with the nervousness building on the drive to the office. Who needs morning coffee when the adrenaline is pumping. I feel like every eye in the world is riveted on me even though I'm sure that isn't the case. Its silly as all get out that a piece of underdressing, obvious as it may be, would play such a number on my mind. Once I've made it to my desk, the adrenaline slowly subsides as I begin to focus on the day's work. I sure do have a lot more people coming by my desk to visit about trivial stuff, but we all know why they're really stopping by as the word spreads and they just have to satisfy themselves. Interestingly enough, considerably more women than men are actually stopping and chatting while the guys walk slowly past repeatedly looking out the corner of their eye. My boss says not to sweat it, it'll die down in time. I hope so, all this extra traffic is making it hard to get the work done.

I know I'm the center of cooler talk and have probably spawned a large number of conversations away from work as well. Imagine the discussions the wives are having with their hubbies at home... Wonder how many (although forbidden by management) have sneaked pictures to prove it.

In time I'll probably learn who the folks were that started the complaints to HR. Wonder if by then I'll be looking to get even or thank them...

As for the IRS, I hear you and getting into a contest with them ... no fun.

As for your work, that is wild but I expect it is playing out pretty much as you expected. Women will talk to you, probably wondering if besides a bra you are wearing panties too ... but men have a tendency to talk to your boobs, at least that has been my experience. Your boss is most likely right, though right now no doubt you are the talk of the water cooler crowd, in time it will die down.
As for learning who the ones were that started the complaint ... I suspect that you will eventually find out and if you do maybe you should thank them. It certainly has gained you notice and increased your popularity at the same time.

wow and your wife never had you go to the dr off and find out why you have big boobs. but it would be fun to have to wear a bra to work

Well I've been to our doctor and in fact she is the one who tested, started and writes the scripts for my hormones.

No, my wife wasn't concerned. After seeing your comment I discussed it with her and she told me in fact she was more concerned through the years that I might decide to get an unnecessary and potentially dangerous and "disfiguring" procedure to "correct" a natural part of my body to fit society's norms of appearance.

Now, she would support me if I decided to go under the knife, but she suggests if I do that, it should be to get a lift rather than reduction. Told her I'd have to think on that one...

My doctor has in fact said nothing through the years though he is keenly aware of my physical differences versus most other men. A couple weeks ago I went for a checkup (took a couple hours of pto from work) to address some nerve pain in my hip. He seemed unfazed and said nothing about the bra I was wearing though he most certainly saw and felt it as he went through his usual checkup routine.

As for it being fun having to wear a bra to work, well, I'm getting more used to it though it does create panic in my head when I have to face new situations. Meeting with clients for example... even worse (in my head) having to go to the client's offices for work sessions or meetings. Usually I address the situation up front and tell them the company now requires me to wear a bra for modesty and I hope that doesn't affect their opinion of the value I bring on behalf of our company. So far none of our clients has asked for someone else to handle the assignments.

Well its been awhile since this whole thing started and thought I'd post a tiny followup.

Everything has become easier. Only the newbies on the job show any sign of intrigue these days. Due largely on praise of clients and of course my hard work, I've been promoted to a team lead position with a 20% bump.

With summer here I'm now a big fan of a product called Swoobies.

Wife is pushing me to get a lift, sort of planning that for early fall. Dr. warned me that a successful lift often requires implants. Not too pumped about that idea, foreign objects and all, but if it makes my wife happier, well, she deserves it for putting up with me over the years. Dr. says they won't look noticeably different in a bra but will be much perkier without. I don't care if mine are perky but my wife does. go figure.

You may find that wearing a bra is not only comfortable but erotic. Enjoy the feeling.

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I also love to walk around the house in a bra and panties as soon as I get home. I do not know why but it makes me feel so good inside when I am dress as a women. I wish I could find a girl who likes men w ho dress so that I could share the enjoyment with her.

I feel your pain and have been there. I have worn bras and panties for many years, actually since about 1985 and it took me looking long and hard to find a woman who doesn't mind me wearing bras and panties when we have sex.
Been married 13 years now and I didn't let on until about 6 years ago. Now I have a closet full of nighties, a few dresses, many bras, a few skirts and a dresser full of panties.
When you find the right woman, it's amazing.

iwnatu, this is my new account. my old account : lovetriumph and now: lovetriumph67890. Love Triumph and Sloggi for bra and panty FOREVER

Always wear panty and bra......hhmmmmmmmm nice and comfortable, good for Mr. P erection

I love and to wear bra and panty since 1995 and my favourites is Sloggi and Triumph.

I like Triumph too, its so comfortable

hi i love to wear bra and panty, my fav bra size is 34, mostly i like net bra and panties n when i wear them that time i feel like a grl, i like 2 wear all female clothes and also want 2 b a grl

I love to wear my tight black panties around the house and when I go out shopping. Have thongs too and and other colors but favorite is Black! I only let the wife see me in some of her old white boby shaper panties and keep my other sexy panties a secret. so much more excitement wearing them when she doesn't know and when I'm in the stores standing next to some hot lady. I also wear my bras around the house and my wife knows I'm wearing one. But I start out with one of her old ones (40C) with full back and front clip that that acts like a back support brace. I started wearing back a few years ago by telling her I really needed it for the back support so she was OK. Now, after I get her to rub the "bad back spot" I'll later sneak off and change into the sexy black bra - see my pic! It's a great feeling to be wearing the black panties and bras while sitting there watching TV and she doesn't know! She'd probably be really pissed to know of my kinky dressing but that's part of the fun isn't it? I am sitting her now in some black panties and bra and black nighty with thigh hose as I type this and feel really good. And it feels even better as I share these secret desires with folks like you who have the same desires! Post those panty pics and let's share the feelings.................

I love to look at myself in the mirror when I'm wearing a pretty bra. I love the straps over my shoulders. I'm wearing my lacy white bra, I'm a 36b. I just love being a girly girl. I would love to have a girly friend, we could put on our pretty bras and panties and jerk off together.

I first tried on a bra when I was 14, one of my mother's black lacy one. WOW a light came on in my head and I've been wearing bra and panties ever since when I can get away with it. Love to go out at night fully dressed fem and to feel the cool night air wafting up my skirt and to hear the clip clop of my high heels echoing around the quiet streets.

Wow iwnatu800, your story is just like mine own. I started wearing at age 9 and have been doing it since. I love wearing bras and panties and it makes my **** so hard when I dress that I jack off immediately. I just love the feel of the material against my skin and I like the way I look when I have on womens' lingerie. I am also a 38B bra and I borrow my wife's things to wear. She doesn't know that I crossdress in her things and I only do it privately.

I know what you mean.I try to wear a bra for as long as I can.I sleep in a bra,have been for years and during the winter months I wear a bra 24/7(except when showering).

We're very much alike. Started at the same age and just love the feeling of putting on a bra. I have a girlfriend who allows me to wear her bra while f**king her and it's a great feeling!

allways never stop beying you happy and free.allways dressup as much as possible.weather you borrow or not allways dress to be happy and free.i do.i am a crossdresser.