Love The Colder Months

I Love the colder months because thats the time of year when you wear more clothes. Such as sweaters and sweat shirts, because they hide what i'm wearing.

I am married, the wife knows that I dress but does not like it, as a matter of fact she wishes I would stop and throw all my female clothes out, but I don't want to stop.

So, I still have to keep it hid as much as I can. I usually wear panties and a bra almost every day when I can wear a big shirt over it. During the summer months its usually just panties, but I do miss wearing my bra's. So today being the 2nd day of FALL, i decided to wear a bra. Every time I put one on after a long period of not wearing I get that same tingling sensation throughout my body just like the first time I put one on many, many years ago. I slip it around me with the snaps in the front, close the snaps, twist it around my body and slip my arms through one at a time. Then I make my adjustment and make sure i'm in. Then its a tee shirt and heavy sweat shirt over them, no one can really tell but me and I love it.

I do get away twice a year on business trip and the wife does not go, so you know every minute I'm in that hotel room I am Fully Dressed. Oh did I mention I have had GYNOCOMASTIA since i was a teen and I'm now 58 and fill a 44B just fine. Thanks for reading my story.
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3 Responses Sep 25, 2012

Sorry to hear your wife does not support your crossdressing. I love wearing bras too and it's much more comfortable in the cooler weather.

I read so much of this and it always makes me sad. Fortunately I'm one of the lucky ones who has a supportive Fiancee. As for "hiding" what I wear underneath, that was an issue when I first started, but it doesn't bother me anymore if anyone notices...

Wear your bra and be happy, as should your wife knowing that you get such joy and contentment from what wouldn't bend the needle on the scale of wickedness!