Bra and Lingerie

I also love to wear bras and other silky things.  For some reason, women cannot wait to get out of their bras while most crossdressers cannot wait to put one on.

I don't know about anyone else here, but personally, I love to wear underwire bras most of all.  I think that they hold my breast forms better than a bra that is not underwire.

Biggest problem with a man that likes to wear a bra or other feminine undergarments, society as a whole frowns upon it.  They feel that a man who likes those things is sick, perverted, confused about their sexuality, or is looking to get some from another man.

We can and many do wear women's underwear under their male clothing, maybe with the exception of a bra or full slip since the straps can show through the shirt.  If a man is caught wearing something as a bra with the tell tail signs of a bra strap, he can be ostracized, ridiculed, tormented, physically assaulted, loose his job, friends and more.  Someone made a smart remark to me one day when my pantyhose waist band showed when I bent to pick up something.

It is a crying shame that society frowns on a man that enjoys wearing lingerie.

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the reason for that that man is afraid to try a bra on or panties hev figures if he is afraid of doing it you shouldn't do it

My first few bras were all underwire, most 'front loaders' which are great for the inexperienced. A sheer underwire really helps to make the most of what you have, although finding exactly the right fit can be a challenge.

My bra size is 42A, but it's very difficult to find that size! Most larger sizes have larger cups which have to be filled with silicone to fill out and fit properly.
But if a man has protruding breasts, there is no reason not to wear one!
Yes, society's demands in this regard are really too strict.! After all, you're wearing clothes - covering up1 What is there to criticize?
I find that I really don't want to take it off and often wear it to bed under my night clothes.

If you have trouble getting your size, really do try eBay. There is an amazing range of sellers who cater for 'plus size', often with smaller cup sizes. Just make sure the seller accepts returns - most do.

I share the same views as most people here. I am a 41 year old male, I have cross dressed since I was 18. I love to wear bras and panties. I sometimes wear them out but I don't like to get "caught". My wife of 19 years always knew, she seemed accepting but not supportive. We have now separated and she has told me she always hated my fetish and it is part of the reason for our separation. It is a shame that I have lost the love of my life to this fetish. I have tried to stop but I just love it. It is a part of me and I wish she was supportive. It is easy to say she is selfish and I think that she is. But I also think that just like I can't help that I love to wear lingerie, she can't help that she hates it and can't support it.


I am a young man 15 yrs old nd i hv been cross dressing since last year! I wear my sisters bra nd her panties nd wear her jwelleries nd makeup my self when i am alone at home , nobody knws it ! Bcs i like to wear it privately like in the home i want to be girl nd outside i want to be a real man! I luv cros dressing nd then striping!

I have been crossdressing for many years my x-wife knew and did not have a problem with it. I told my new partner a couple of months ago; again no problems, we go shopping together now and she helps me with style and sizing as women's clothing has some strange sizing.<br />
Strangely enough women seem to except crossdressing a lot more than males.

Love to wear a bra and panties all the time except when sleeping. Don't know why people can't accept it, because women can wear mens clothes and nothing is said. Why can't men wear soft sexy underwear and clothes.

i agree with u dear

Robbie, I need a better excuse than that! LOL! I love wearing white lingerie. Ruffles, lace, and sheer silk is in my closet. Thanks to everyone for sharing, your thoughts are the same as mine!

I love to wear my tight black panties around the house and when I go out shopping. Have thongs too and and other colors but favorite is Black! I only let the wife see me in some of her old white boby shaper panties and keep my other sexy panties a secret. so much more excitement wearing them when she doesn't know and when I'm in the stores standing next to some hot lady. I also wear my bras around the house and my wife knows I'm wearing one. But I start out with one of her old ones (40C) with full back and front clip that that acts like a back support brace. I started wearing back a few years ago by telling her I really needed it for the back support so she was OK. Now, after I get her to rub the "bad back spot" I'll later sneak off and change into the sexy black bra - see my pic! It's a great feeling to be wearing the black panties and bras while sitting there watching TV and she doesn't know! She'd probably be really pissed to know of my kinky dressing but that's part of the fun isn't it? I am sitting her now in some black panties and bra and black nighty with thigh hose as I type this and feel really good. And it feels even better as I share these secret desires with folks like you who have the same desires! Post those panty pics and let's share the feelings.................

I think I share the same sentiments as all who have commented here. I am a deep in the closet crossdresser and my wife does not know. So even my private moments are limited. There are few things more enjoyable than shopping for lingerie particularly when wearing panties and a bra. But, like everyone else, long trousers and black socks hide the pantyhose or stockings and a sweatshirt hides the bra straps. Panty lines are hard to see under a pair of denim jeans. But, I've experienced the same thing - be careful when you bend over - watch out for the waistband show! Particularly if you are wearing any of the many brands of panties with the lace waistband.

i would like to go out in public wearing my bra too. but being in asia where it is still a taboo, i can only do it in the early hours of the morning when i go for a walk and it's still dark. also, over here, everyone goes around with open neck shirts, etc so it's difficult to wear a bra to work. really wish i could.

I actually not only wear a bra, panties & garter belt, but also a corset. I wear them every chance I get. I find it's easiest in the winter when a heavier sweatshirt is worn over them. Sometimes if I can, I wear my ensemble all day at work. BTW, just love the way the garter straps tug at the backs of my legs as I walk!

I discovered corselettes last year and wow - is this ever me! I've always liked the tight and restrictive feeling of a tight bra and control panties, but a corselette gives you that same 'firm grip' feeling over your whole torso. The hook and eye crotch can take getting used to.

You are so right Lauren,i loved your comments,i lived in Asia for several years,and it was wonderful being able to go to the markets there and buying so many silky dresses and skirts and underwear,without attracting any attention from non understanding people,i have been crossdressing in secret now for many years,and it wasnt until i moved abroad that i felt completely liberated,now back in uk i feel all eyes are on me,when i go shopping,and yes i once also was sneered upon by a work colleague because he saw the top of my pantyhose,and i was embarrassed,and it took me a while to get over the comments,i would just love to set up a weekly coffee morning somewhere for likeminded crossdressers and be able to openly discuss the latest pantyhose,stockings and fashion,and would like to stress that i am 100% heterosexual,and would love a woman to give advice on make up/wigs etc......I am in the south east of England area,but know of nobody or nowhere to go,as i would love to go out socially dressed in female attire,i know i am not a freak and there are so many more crossdressers like me,i just want to meet and talk with them.

Yes, isn't it sad that men cannot wear bras and panties without being called gay or queer. I, myself, love wearing bras and panties but I do not wear them outside my house because I don't want to be judged because of my fetish for wearing women's lingerie. Society needs to wake up and smell the roses. Many men do love wearing women's clothes and should not be judged for doing it.