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After reading others stories I went into up market lingerie store and finally asked for a professional bra fitting. The older sales lady was more than happy to help me and proceeded to ask what size I normally buy then said that was about 2 sizes too small She had me pick out 3 bras that I liked then told the young girl to get them in particular sizes. She did have to ask me what cup size as that couldn't be measured. By this time I was in change room stripping down to topless but as I was wearing a button up dress kit was really hard to keep it up to my waist and it kept slipping down In the end she told me to just take it of completely as she had already seen everything before so off came the dress and left it hanging on the hook
I had forgotten about young sales girl getting other bras for me to try As I was the only customer in shop at the time the cubicles curtain was open so that sales lady could help so when the young girl brought new bras she saw me standing there in thong lace top stay up nylons heels and wig she got a bit of a shock when she realized I was a guy not true female but got over it very fast and offered to help as she was still learning bra fitting and needed practice
I don't think she needed practice just wanted to be there which was fine by me because she was really cute She helped me try on each bra adjust the straps do them up and correctly position them A couple of times she supposedly accidentally rubbed her knee over front of thing and got quite a surprise seeing me harden up (really hard to hide it in a thing)
All up it was a great experience even ended up with 3 new bras that fit perfectly and I now know right size to wear
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Haven't plucked up the courage to go for a fitting yet, though I have admitted to a few SA's that wgat I was looking for was for myself

I have always wanted to go for a bra fitting , but never got up the nerve to go. This has become my biggest problem lately. When I get dressed up, I am afraid to go out shopping !!!


you do have a nice looking *** thank you

I have been back a few times to pick new bra's. Dont need help with size anymore but the girls who know me are always ready to help me. Over the time I have bought a few bra's several pairs of panties (mainly thongs) , lots of hose (full pantihose, stay ups and even crothless) plus a couple of camis. The older lady has since moved on but the staff are great and insist on me giving them a full show of what I am wearing. I have been asked a few times if I am gay and they get quite a shock when I say I am bi and still love the female form feel and taste. ,

Great story, have you gone back to look for thigh highs, panties or shapewear?

Love the story - what a fun experience and so bold on your part.

<p>My first suggestion is go to a boutique style bra shop (be prepared to pay a bit for the bra but its worth it) and ask if they do fittings (which of course they all do).<br />
The other option is take a guess at size and go to discount store buy the cheapest you can find in the size you think, if it leaves marks around your body it's too small. A well fitted bra doesn't leave those horrible marks where it ha cut in because it is too tight<br />
As for cup size that's up to you, I like a B cup as I can wear under my work shirt without being too noticeable unless its heavily padded<br />
Good luck and gave fun, remember the shop assistants are normally really good about it and only too happy to help</P>

any tips on finding the right bra size for us sissies!? i've never been to a real bra fitting, but suppose i know my chest size, and since i don't have much of a breast, i must be an A cup. any advise would be appreciated!

Michelle, You need to make an appointment for a bra fitting. The ladies are professionals and have seen it before. And you will so love all the attention you get. Once you make the appointment you must keep it. Don't be nervous; just do it.

Lovely story, it must be great to be able to pass EmXX