Wearing Feminine Underclothes After Work

I am so happy to change into a bra and panty and hosiery after work. Seeing the girls at work in their clothing and knowing they are wearing bras makes me jealous of them. The feeling of wearing a bra and panties makes me so relaxed.
But I am thinking that I am going to start wearing panties and panyhose under my male clothes at work so that I can feel like I am one of the girls.
sexyglenda sexyglenda
4 Responses Jan 7, 2013

I know wear my female clothing 24-7 nobody notices buttons on left or female tees my jeans and shorts and well my panties as far as my breasts I have developed a firm 36 c cup so there's no conceding yes I love being one of the girls

I too only wore me perty things at home or in winter but lately I have been getting bolder and wearing my bras panties under women's jeans and blouses if anyone has noticed they haven't said anything my breast have grown large I wear a 38c cup so they stick out bra or no bra they are obvious anyway v so I might as well be comfy

I've been wearing panties, pantyhose and sheer bras to work under my work clothes every day now that it's winter, and i'm wearing heavier clothes. I love it. Makes the work day so much better.... I'm hooked and loving it! :)

The highlight of the day is going home and changing into something fem and sexy after looking at the pretty things women are wearing