Especially bras. I can't quite place my finger on exactly why I feel this way, but I find them incredibly comforting and have ever since I was young.

I can't quite recall when this first manifested, but I do remember being around 12 or 13 when I first tried one on. It was one of my mother's which I took off the clothesline and wore at night after my parents went to bed. (I've always been a night owl while they're more "early to bed, early to risers," so I generally had an hour or two each night.) Eventually, I took one (a plain, white 38C) off the line and hid it under some nearby shelves so that it would look like it just fell off the clothesline if it was ever discovered. I'd wear it every chance I got. It was obviously a bit loose on me, but I'd fill the cups with socks and enjoy wearing it nonetheless.

Once I got a car and a job at 17, I could go out and buy my own. I was too nervous to purchase them from a cashier, so I'd buy them at Wal Mart and go through the self checkout line. I bought a few, but my favorite was a powder blue Maidenform t-shirt bra, 36A, which fit me perfectly.

I took them with me when I went to college but found it hard to wear them there as I always had roommates in either dorm rooms or small apartments. I enjoyed weekends where they would go home so that I could wear them around the place without fear.

After I graduated, I wanted to make a number of changes in my life and getting rid of my bras was one of them. I went a few years without any, but eventually I got a decent job and moved into my own place where the craving to wear them came back. Luckily, I could order as many as I wanted online and have them delivered, so I could get them in any size/color/style I wanted.

I now have a collection of about 15 bras, along with some camisole tops I wear with the bras (which is my favorite look on women) in the comfort of my own place. I have small and medium breast forms, and have recently purchased some larger ones (D-cup) which are in the process of being delivered. I can't wait for them to arrive...

I'm also in the process of trying to lose weight. Due to a combination of an injury, depression, and laziness, I gained around 50 pounds after college and would like to get back to my college weight. Right now, I wear 42 band but would like to get back down to the 36 I wore back then. It's actually been a major motivating factor for me, along with all of the other healthy reasons to lose weight, of course.

I think that in a perfect world, I would simply BE a woman, but for a number of reasons (which I may get into in another post someday) that will likely never happen, so I feel this is as close as I can get.
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I am a male and I love to wear bra, panty and other feminine dresses. I feel different and very comfortable in bra and panty. I always try to keep this thing as secret. Because family and society don't allow that. I don't support the dress differences for male and female. A female can wear anything so why should we can not wear their dresses. Everyone should have free choice of wearing dresses. I have dozen of collection of beautiful and colorful bra, panties and I wear them everyday and night. I think I look good and beautiful in these things.

I like the attitude. Why should women have all the fun ha ha

I wish you the best of luck with that weight. You're like me, my motivation for losing weight being to look better in my bras. I've shed about 80 pounds so far. Stay inspired

Wow, congrats on losing the 80 pounds. That's no small feat. As for myself, I realized after a previous failed attempt that I need all of the motivators that I can get. I've found it helpful to add tangible goals to the list (like fitting into a certain clothing size) rather than just generic goals (like "lose weight.")

I'm just getting started up again, but I'm especially motivated this time and want to see it through.