Comfort In Bras

 I am a man with a bigger body type. Even so after loosing wieght at one point I still had a bigger chest for a guy.

 While married I lost a bet with my wife at the time and I was to wear bras all weekend long.

 I got to like wearing bras ans she said I looked good in one. I even had my own that she picked ut for me. I loved it when she would caress my boons and say that she wanted to make them bigger!

 Now I live alone and buy my own bras(I have a few) that I wear as often as I can. I have even wore a bra to work sometimes and nobody but me knows.

brawearingmale brawearingmale
4 Responses Mar 14, 2009

Fantastic! Its wonderful, isn't it?!

That is great your wife supported you wearing bras. Sorry to hear of your divorce.

Over the years I have wore a bra and panties under my male clothes many times.I find it very sensual and enjoyable.

My wife also stated at one point that she would like mine bigger, much to my disappointment though, I found out that she was only saying it to amuse me.

Arrrah,that's not fair.