First Time I Wear Bras and Panties

I live in a family in which most members are female. I don't have father. I just only have my mother, and two sisters. I am the last child in my family. Then, at the age of 12, I felt that why I wore different underwear and clothes with my sisters. It made me uncomfortable. Then, one day when there were no body at home, I wanted to put them on. When I was in them I felt that I was not different with my sisters. I felt that I was a girl and wanted to act as a girl too. I wanted to make my hair long and make up my face just like what my mother and sisters do. I did this thing whenever my mother and sisters went outside.

Then, one day when I completely wear the girl's underwear and clothes at home, suddenly one of my sister saw me and she laughed louder at me. I was shy and then she said, "No matter, just do it whenever you want to." But I was afraid if she talked to my mother about it. "Don't worry, I will never tell to our mother but Jessica (my first sister) should know about this," she said to me. After my two sister know that I like wearing girl's underwear and panties, they always lend me theirs. "Just wear them whenerver you like but you have to follow your sisters ask you to do," my first sister told me. Then, I asked them,"what should I do then?". "OK, you have to become my little sister in this home." they said to me. Then I agrre with them.

My sisters always asked me to wear only bras and panties at home whenever my mother was out. They always treated me softly just like the other little sister. Even, they always touched my bras and panties when I was in them. "You look beautiful, my little sister." That's the word they often said to me when I am in bras and panties. They also said,"Be girl like us."

Now, I am 21 years old. Bit by bit, my mother finally knows what I do. Then she recommends me to buy my own girl's underwear and clothes. But under the consequence that I have to wear them everyday and whenever I go, except going to school and to my friends home. Now, I don't have many man clothes in my cupboard. Most of the day, I wear girl's underwear and clothes. And my mother also says to me that I am the last daughter she has. 

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nice story

What a nice heart warming story about first your sisters embracing you as their little sis and then you Mom as her youngest daughter. How wonderful.

You are lucky to have such understanding sisters and mother. They helped you understand live your feminine side. Wish all had such supportive family.. I like the entire experience...

Very nice & yes very lucky don't know if my farther or my mother what they would have done i had to be very private dad would have gotten the shot gun i recon.

Very nice & yes very lucky don't know if my farther or my mother what they would have done i had to be very private dad would have gotten the shot gun i recon.

this story is really sweet :3

you were luck to have such understanding sisters and mom

Hi, girls<br />
You are just sooo lucky, to have had someone who understands.<br />
As an early 'war baby', I was reared by women until age six.<br />
Then dad returned from the war.<br />
Life was normal, but I always had emotions and thoughts as woman has.<br />
Married, my own business, grandchildren, did 'mans' things.<br />
Somehow though, I just liked soft things.<br />
Experience Project is the first time I have been able to talk with people who understood where I am at.<br />
Certainly middle aged women that I date recoil in horror at the mention of me preferring soft clothing.<br />
<br />
So its really nice to hear from you<br />
Thanks<br />

Ah. Further to the above, now I've looked at your profile I see you are post-op. Good for you! Have a wonderful life, girl!

You are so lucky to have such understanding sisters and mother. I have a father and I love him dearly, but he was a rather distant figure in my childhood. I grew up among females - my mother, twin sisters, home help (my mother took a long time to recover physically from the birth of my sisters, they had no idea there were two until she went into labour for the 2nd time!) and grandmothers. I started feeling this need to wear girls' clothes when I was 5 or 6 years old. The first time I did I got caught by my mother and got a beating from both her and my dad. but it couldn't stop me. My family have never been in any way supportive of my feminine side.<br />
<br />
After 2 breakdowns I have come to terms with being a man with a strong feminine side. There's a lot about being male I like. And i now have a wonderfully supportive fiancee (I am now 53). If that's your photo, your look lovely as a girl, and if you really feel you should be one, you go for it. I hope one day men can be feminine just as freely as women can be masculine, to whatever degree they feel 'right', in open society. You are young - perhaps you will see that day draw nearer. Who knows, maybe you'll help it along!<br />
<br />
Good luck!