Unusual Experience... But Nice, Though

Although my very first experience with panties dates back to mid-1964, I started wearing these beautiful items on a daily, regular, basis in 2007. In great part thanks to the Internet and sites like these which made me note this is all right.

Anyway, around October 2009, when I went to a Vicky Form outlet in order to buy several panties of the same style as shown on my profile image, I was the only customer at that joint.

So the sales lady, upon watching how I was carefully checking the panties I was about to buy, asked me quite courteously, although somewhat chagrined:

"Are these the only ones you wear?"

Obviously, she was curious how a man would enter a lingerie outlet in order to buy women's stuff and if in any case I might also wear male underwear.

My answer was a simple "yes", meaning that I resort to solely wearing panties and that was it.

She reacted very professionaly and finished doing the transaction originally intended but, for me, it was a very thrilling experience.

As a matter of fact, at the very same moment I was doing this shopping, I was actually wearing one of this precious panties underneath my trousers. That was almost three years ago but I still recall that very significant moment quite fondly.
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3 Responses May 6, 2012

started full time 1997 never had problem buying my panties it`s very common here in Central Florida and the sales ladies are very helpfull

i can not live anymore without panties,i must wear daily and pantyhose too next step ,,,,mmmmm braaaaa

good go vickie, I've done the same.