Emtpy Underwear Drawer.

I do mean, THE MENS UNDERWEAR DRAWER, I have since renamed it,. BEAUTIFUL PANTY DRAWER, My wife doesn't like the name "panties", I think it is a beautiful name for a beautiful garment. It gives me a wonderful feeling between my legs, I like to look at myself in a mirror with all my junk covered up. I don't have any men's underwear, through it all out 10 years ago, I wear PANTIES 24/7, how can you NOT like PANTIES as a garment. Satin is the greatest. Doctor's and nurse's see them and say nothing. I think they like to see men in panties.
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I believe there is nothing that shocks the anyone in the medical field anylonger, I have relatives who are Dr's and RN's they have seen it all.

Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.

Been exclusively in panties for 30 + yrs here. I was getting dressed for work (a few days after my wife caught me) when my wife suggested that I wore panties. When I got home from work that day all of my male "drawers" (Ugh!) were in the kitchen garbage bag.

My wife doesn't like the word either. Go figure.

I like the rest of us afficionados love the word. Maybe that's why she doesn't like it. She doesn't like to use the word "diaper" either. Consistency here? She's tolerant of my love for both but doesn't embrace my love for them. Since i've grown to need the diapers she's much more accepting. But doesn't like the verbalize the words.

Panties are wonderful.

I'm no Hero, I just like the looks, the feel and of course the holding of the bad, not to mention the holding of the tuck.

They feel so wonderfull to wear, thats why I too wear panties 24/ and have now for over 30 years. I haven't worn mens underwear in the same lenght of time. I have gone to the Doctor a few times and the Hosptail once. No one said a thing. I assume they probly see it a lot.

After having 5 surgeries and after cancer and diabetes, I have been seen by many doctors, nurses and health professionals while wearing PANTIES, I think they all have seen it all

I think they really do. There are so many of us today it has to be common at hospitials and emg. rooms