Panties All The Time

I have been wearing panties exclusively for over fourteen years. I wear all colors and all styles except thongs. Love thongs on women but not on me. I started wearing panties before my wife passed away as sort of a joke. She bought some new panties for herself and asked me how I liked them? I said I liked them very much, and she said why don't you try them own. I did and that was that I have been wearing panties exclusively since. I would like to meet women near me that like for men to wear panties. I am straight except for my love of panties. I like to show my panties to women when I get the chance. Some would say I am obsessed with panties as I have over two hundred pairs.and will probaly buy more as styles and colors change.
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2 Responses Sep 16, 2012

Which were these new panties which your wife bought?

i'm also like u except i'm less than half of ur age.