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Recently my wife and I have been trying some new things. I've been dressing for years but Ashleigh's been slowly getting involved with it. Its a new time for us.
Last week she took me to a major retailer and had me buy a pair of pantyhose is black. I had to ask for help in finding my size. The staff was friendly but I know they were laughing inside.
I bought them and it wasn't the first time I've bought lingerie. This time though, I was so turned on by the moment. It was a thrilling purchase.
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My favorite is Hanes Silk a Reflections - nude.

I wear pantyhose and a sport bra all time.

If it turns you on its got to be good

It is such a turn on buying pantyhose especially when a lady serves you

That's the only time that I will buy them, if a lady serves me.

Mhmmm I do hope this is the start of things getting interesting for You

It was and things have become so exciting. :)

I dated a man for a short time that liked to wear women's under garments. He liked me to shop for him, but I would have rather shopped together!

It's much better shopping together.

Awesome ... glad to hear that your wife is getting more involved with your dressing. My wife, from the time we started dating and she found out I cross dressed, wore panties and often a bra she not only has been supportive but encouraging and we both enjoy the feminine together.

Awesome. I just bought some nylons yesterday. I love buying girlie things

Buying them is almost as fun as wearing them.

I too have been lingerie shopping with my wife. We even discussed the style and how I would look in them whilst holding them.
I could not wait to get home and model them for her.

That's exciting when you finally get to wear what you've purchased.

I agree. Wearing lingerie/panties given to you by someone is always nice buy actually going into a lingerie shop or supermarket and choosing what lingerie/panties you are going to spend time wearing is so much better.

I too wear them

They're amazing aren't they.

They're amazing aren't they.

That's true, I started wearing them when I was about 13/14 I am now 57 and wear them all the time

I had worn them a few times in college. I really liked garters and stockings when I found them. I've just recently been wearing ph more often.

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