I went from a young man to a femme sissy to a full blown almost woman. I dress accordingly and carry out my everyday duties as a women but life would be so much better if I didn't have to tuck and endure the "I know your a man" stares and comments.
CdKimmi CdKimmi
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1 Response Aug 17, 2014

Well, find a good place to get a makeover for when your going out in public, they can arch your brows and really make you look like a girl. Then I saw on line they have silicone hip and rear padding which gives you the female hour glass figure you need, then too you can wear a good gaff which hold everything in place.
I dont worry about tucking, I wear a gaff without tucking and thats good enough for me. I also dont wear extra tight clothing, so that helps too.

Thank you and I have enough padding, lol, and I get my brows waxed on a regular basis with a little plucking by me when necessary, I'm over ignorant people, I am who I am and very happy with the final product.