It Proves You're A Sissy

I'm sure that a lot of men have every day.
sissydidi sissydidi
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I also underdress with a bra and panties everyday. That makes me a "crossdresser" by definition. I am also a "Sissy" because I am a crossdresser who is also submissive!

Yes , and long overnite pad too honey if you plan on wearing them all day , an sissies should be like gurlscouts; "prepared". And wearing your "Maidneform Bra", when they fit right you will be a proper sissy, with panties and a slip under your clothes , don't forget to stand up straight and smile

I love wearing bras too. It is so exciting for me to go out wearing a thin white blouse over my white lacy bra. I love to see reactions from ladies who notice my bra outline. I am a sissy because bras and panties are my daily underwear.

I so agree with you! I feel I am surrendering my masculinity and submitting to femininity when I put my arms through my bra straps and fasten myself into the beautiful garment. And you can get such pretty bras these days.

Wearing my bra gives me the feeling of being hugged all day long. I love how the shoulder and back strap are a constant reminder to me of what I'm wearing.

I wear a bra most days and at times I forget I have it on. I wear a bra for the same reason others might sleep with a teddy bear. It gives me a comfort and makes me feel normal about myself. I almost feel naked without it and yes I am a sissy.

I guess then I am also a sissy...I wear a bra everyday, whether I am going to work or to the doctors, I am wearing a bra and panties. My "boobs" have grown to where I can fill out most "A" cup bras, but on occasion I do use my push-up pads. I like the cleavage I get when I use the pads. Will I be getting my " Certified Sissy Certificate " in the mail ???

You are absolutely right! Panties are just that, panties, underwear that happens to be soft and feminine and so what if I like how they feel opposed to the rough texture of guy's underwear. But, wearing a bra, well, that is a whole different story.

I consider myself fairly masculine in that nature was pretty generous with the testosterone. And I have always only had an eye for the Ladies. But for some mysterious reason, It just feels so incredibly wonderful to wear a bra. Almost like it seems natural and even though I am very happy to be a guy, I wouldn't be concerned a bit if I happened to grow some small breasts that required that I wear a bra all the time. I wear a bra as often as I can get away with it and probably a little bit more often than that. And the biggest problem I have is that terrible feeling when I am forced to take it off!

Hey ! I resemble that statement !!!! lol
I love my bras! wish I could find more I like... underwire sheer cups, padded , I also am searching for a nice cheetah , or leopard print pretty . I love wearing my variety of wardrobe items and high heels too- I still want my thigh high, black high heeled boots ... sexy . Sure sometimes I too like to dress slutty - hey if my face can't get me laid, maybe my clothes can say ..".. I'm a ***** that needs and wants attention . so come hither and **** this **** ! ... " .

There's something really exciting about being a sissy, even if noone else knows it! Years ago, I convinced my wife that I would like to wear panties and she has always thought it cute that I wear them. She does not know how much I love wearing a bra when she's not around. I love being a sissy!