I am a whiz at breakfast.  Pancakes and waffles (the secret is to make the batter the night before), sandwiches and toast (the trick is that whatever spread you are using, butter, catsup, etc is spread evenly and corner to corner)  bacon (only serve crisp bacon)

And then there are my omelets.  This is my specialty.  whatever you like in them I can make them.

I was went on a weekend getaway with a bunch of people.  Each family group had to pick a meal to cook and serve.  I picked breakfast on the last day and got numerous compliments on my omelets.  Just  the other night my daughter in law talked me into making fried egg and bacon sandwiches for dinner.  She says nobody can do breakfast like I can do breakfast.

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It always works well to be able to take care of your own needs regarding food but I find it really helps when the cooking can be split up. The wife makes several great dishes and mixing it in with mine means no one is stuck cooking all the time and therefore no one gets burnt out.