A Common Interest

For twelve years I have been married to a straight, loving wife who only ever talked disgustedly about bisexual or lesbian women who have approached her in the past. Secretly, I had often wished that my wife was at least half-interested in getting naked with the same sex. Selfishly, I would have wanted that in my presence, but I guess what I don't know doesn't hurt me right? lol

I honestly never knew how much of a turn-on a bi-curious female is to me. I have chatted with a handful of them on EP, and always find their interest in other women to be a HUGE turn-on. It gives us a common interest to share about. If you talk about hot women with me, that's great. If you get into commenting on pictures of naked women, that's even better!   One other advantage of talking to bi-curious females is what they can teach you.  How to pleasure a woman is no small matter in the realm of sexuality - within or outside marriage!

Perhaps I'm subconsciously aiming for that FMF ********* of my dreams? I don't know! I guess one never really knows until one is faced with certain circumstances, just how one will react to that situation.  I enjoy bi-curious females and the common interest that we share! :-)
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I do believe most men are turned on by two woman!

I agree! But I will tell you, talking about a woman I like, to another woman who can agree and embellish, is actually more of a turn-on to me than watching trashy girl-on-girl ****!

Some men like trash and some like a little playfulness!

This is true too! If I'm watching girl-on-girl **** though (which hasn't been much mind you), it sometimes fails to turn me on, but something more hard core (i.e., man's parts come into play) usually will do it.

Yes, a little pettin from a woman but I would need a man to get the job done. lol

LOL.... see. We agree again! lol


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I am curious as well! I do wonder what it would be like to be touched by another woman. I'm not sure it I could touch and kiss another woman. I do appreciate a woman, we are beautiful!!

I so agree WPeace!!! I have to say,this was unexpected to see you here, but the more the merrier, in my opinion, of people being honest about this stuff. To me, b-Curious does not mean the same thing as a bisexual. A bisexual actually practices, while a bi-Curious just is somewhat interested in the same sex, but may never act upon that (or very well may someday - one never knows). Even if a woman doesn't want to go through with it - as a man, I get very turned on by the fact that I could even discuss those desires with my woman. I hope this makes sense?

Yes it does! :-)

Why are you suprised to see me comment on this topic? :-)