I started with a small ring on the right ring finger and because of my small wrist I wore what looked like a women's watch, then became engaged and my left ring finger was now sporting a management ring. Soon after my future wife hung a pendant around my neck that my tee's barely hid. On our wedding day the other two pieces to my wedding ring set were placed on me to never be removed. After the i do's at the first biker gig she had me fitted for a ring wirh a black onyx stone in a silver heart setting attached to silver heart shape chain that was attached to a silver bracilet with a much bigger onyx heart stone surrounded by silver and a black leather collar with the same heart design in the front of the chocker. About a year later matching pierced earrings joined the set. My watch wearing days were over as bangle bracilets now adorn my wrists.
CdKimmi CdKimmi
66-70, M
Aug 18, 2014