At The Gym...

Well, hey, boxers just don't work well under gym shorts, and I've been looking for some places that I can be more open than just underdressing, or wearing a bit of androgynous clothing in public. So, over the past five or six months, I've normally worn panties to the gym, and changed into my work out clothes, still with the panties, of course. I have worn a thong once, and a couple of times worn purple bikini cut, but normally I wear some slightly butch looking panties by Jockey. One pair has a thin black band with tiny red roses with black outline, almost geometric. One has to look closely to see that they are roses. The other regular pair is black with a thin band in grey and white curly cues.

This would not be at all daring, sice one can change without being too revealing, but I've taken it a step further just for fun, and perhaps, practicality and brazeness. When changing, I often stop while wearing just the panties and some low cut white socks, and walk over to the scales to weigh myself. Quite often there have been other guys in the locker room, but as long as it's not too crowded, I usually go ahead. No one has said anthing, although I've gotten a few slightly disapproving looks. They seem to be handling it OK, overall. And a couple of weeks ago, when heading to my locker, I noticed the guy next me pulling up his trousers over a pair of deep purple satin panties! Maybe I've started a new trend at my gym!

But, truly, I think that if I took the next step and came in an all girlie outfit (maybe little shorts, a jog bra and spaghetti-T?), that I should get to use the Ladie's changing room. What do you folks think?
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4 Responses Aug 3, 2010

I love showing off my panties in public places. My panties can easily be recognized as girls underwear, i love it

You should wear a thong and make sure you have a big whale tail

OK, to update you golks, I sotted yet another guy in anties at the gym in the locker room yesterday! He was wearing some white bery skimpy bikini brieefs, but I'm certain the were from the women's rack! A trend has started, oh my...<br />
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And Sexzek, I don't know of any such gyms in the US. Only wishing...

I guess you'd have to say acquaintances for the most part. I don't know anyone's name, though.<br />
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And, judging from EP, there do seem to be a few of us out there!