My History

I am a normal guy, not silly but i like men, i live with my boyfriend since 7 months ago, i like to wear thongs, when i llive with my parents i was affraid, so i bought one or two thongs, i wore them one or two times and to the garbage, now that i'm living with my boyfriend i have like 5 thongs and wear them some times to go to work or to party, i dont like to show it to the public, when i wear them its because i like the feeling of the jean or pants im wearing and the thong.

I like jockstraps too and i wear them to sports.

My boyfriend doesnt wear thongs, only for special meetings with me, but he likes me to wear them, or at least, he try to enjoy.

Thats my history today.

have a nice day :D
nfelarias nfelarias
26-30, M
Jul 27, 2010