Its really nice where i live today, and i decided to go out and catch some rays while the weather is good. My back deck is high up and all the neighboring houses can see it, So i have never tanned with any thing smaller than board shorts on. Today however, I got the balls to go out in one of my thongs. It felt great! I was so liberated and proud of my self. I have always wanted to do it and I know the tan lines will look good too. Thanks to everyone on here and on EP for boosting my confidence to do it!
ThongPower ThongPower
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Great man, welcome to the club!

My back deck is completely private. We're out there all summer in thongs and occasionally nude. Nice sharp tan lines.

i dont wear anything feels better.........

Congratulations! There's nothing like laying out in the sun in a skimpy thong. Wait until you try it somewhere public!

bet it didnt take long for you to get your **** out and start *******

haha no it didnt! I did it right one my back deck haha

would of love see you ******* in your thong on the deck

Careful what you wish for haha

ill take my chances

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