I am currently 15 and I love wearing thongs. I don't remember exactly how i found our about them but i do know that i grew to love them. Of course i had to have some but didn't know how to get any without my parents finding out. The first thing i did was steal a pair from my mom's drawer. However, this thong didn't have enough room for me in the front so it wasn't any good. I still kept it to beat my meat with tho. Looking back at it she probably realized it was gone but she never said anything. At around the same time I stole 2 pairs of my dad's bikini briefs. I used these for a while as spunking rags and daily wear with no problem. But then i got an idea. I could cut the bikini brief into the pattern of the thong i wanter and use that as a thong. So i went ahead and did that. It came out pretty good and use it all the time when i'm home alone or turned on. Hopefully soon i can get my hands on some actual thongs.
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I totally used to cut my briefs underwear into patterns and make them into underwear that I wanted. I thought I was the only one who did that until recently!

Nope i do it too! its cool to know i'm not the only one though. but I still wanna get some actual thongs soon if i can.