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I love wearing extremely skimpy see-through thongs and g-strings on the beach

I love wearing thongs and g-strings on beaches wherever I can't sunbathe completely nude.   I have become more and more daring so now I’ll often wear see-through mesh or sheer when wet thongs and g-strings on European beaches.  Nothing is hidden from view.

I have around 30 pairs of thongs and g-strings and have worn them to the beach for over 10 years.   My see-through ones tend to have a bit of a pattern so they are a bit more discrete even from middle distance unless you are quite close or walking by when there's absolutely no doubting what's underneath.   I really do mean mesh not just transparent lycra.  Up close none of these mesh thongs hide anything beneath the open and thin weave and one thong has holes in the weave more like fishnet or a string vest. 

I like both thongs and g-strings, but I prefer T or V backed g-strings as I love the sensation of having a nude butt on beaches where I can't be totally  nude.  I love the vulnerability of only having three narrow straps stretched and straining to hold my growing penis under cover and keeping me from full nudity where its not allowed.  In fact the feeling of my bulging knob trying to burst free of its skimpy tight coveringis very erotic.  So to keep my pouch tight and the strings in full tension I always pull the side strings up real tight.  That has another effect,  I love the feeling of the narrow back string rubbing and pulling real tight against my sphincter. 

Of course I adjust the sides regularly, constantly pulling the back string even higher and removing any fraction of slippage.  This stretches the back and side strings even more and makes the downstring pull even tighter into my anus like cheesewire!  I'm just daring myself to see if one of the strings will tear free!  Once while trying out one of my g-strings at home the side string did actually tear away so its good it didn't happen while on the beach!  But that's part of the thrill, to see if it does!!  It's a great feeling having no material to cover my sphincter and a turn on knowing my anus is completely visible close up whenever  I bend over.  Its a very sexy feeling when I'm seen from behind and from a distance look like I'm walking or lying down completely nude where perhaps nudism isn't allowed.  The tan's much better as well.

I love seeing females in thongs and g-strings as well.  I especially love topless girls in skimpy g-strings on non-nude beaches.  I think that wearing a g-string on a textile beach is going to the limit showing their breasts bare and their arses nude.  With 2 of their 3 erogenous zones uncovered its a real turn-on for me.    Even better when the front is way too small and see-through!!  Its especially exciting to see a girl running, swimming or cavorting in the waves in a V backed g-string.  Every few seconds she has to pull one or both strings back over her arse cheeks.  As my penis expands at the sight I desperately hope her miniscule cover slips down so far it falls off completely. 

While I'm always on the lookout for girls with no more than cheesewire up their arses, its great to see a girl with a slightly larger strap pulled high and right up her arse crack so her arse cheeks are nicely separated. Its fantastic just imagining how amazingly tight her arse strap must be up her crack.  I love seeing a cutie with her side strings untied or unclipped and her front neatly folder to cover just her gash or her back bundled between her cheeks.  Where's an excitable puppy when you need one? 

If I'm lucky I'll see a tasty young thing with long long legs adjusting her waist high thong.  I love warching girls fiddling with thongs daintily picking at the tiny sides with their fingertips.  If she pulls her side straps even higher into a sharp Y over her hips I go into ecstasy.  I know her thong isn't going to slide down her hips anytime soon but her elastic will be straining against her body.  I watch as she adjusts her side straps tighter as I swallow hard as I imagine her arse strap pulling further up her arse, straining tight against her anus and slipping into her sna-tch even tighter than before as it tries to return to its normal size. I can feel my co-ck suddenly stiffen and try to burst out of my thong.  I'll try to make sure she notices I'm watching her and make sure she sees the unmistakeable effect she's clearly having on my penis.  And if I see a girl pulling a really tight arse strap out of her butt cheeks I almost spurt in my tiny pouch as I wait for the instant she lets go and it shoots straight back up her crack as tight as before.   

So I say if women can wear sheer thongs and g-strings on the beach I can't see why men can't do the same!  I don't mind if a group of young women walk by especially if they get a similar feeling checking me out, in fact I want them to really notice my bulging pouch as really I'm a bit of an exhibitionist.  In fact wearing way too small thongs and g-strings is something of a fetish turn-on itself.  So I'm super turned-on when a girl in a thong or g-string walks by clocking me as she goes and I'm pushing myself to the limits and seeing how close I can get to burst ing out of my ultra skimpy cover. 

Once a group of young women got to see a little more than they were expecting, but I'm sure they got as much of a buzz as I did.  I wore a high sided but very narrow fronted thong and had to place my penis upright.  My thong was so narrow it was only a little wider than my shaft which it fitted like a glove.  This  meant my shaft was always going to point completely upright.  Also the high front meant there was just enough height to cover its fully erect length.  So there was nothing to stop my penis expanding to full length and of course only one way it was going to expand - not to the side or slightly curved but straight and right up to the top of my narrow thong front!  So sure enough held straight and hemmed in like this my penis started to grow to almost a full erection.  The shape of my upright shaft was pretty obvious as well as being clearly visible through the patterned see-through mesh which hid absolutely nothing at close range.  Checking myself out I was both shocked and excited to see just how clearly everything was on view.  My oozing  purple helmet and every inch of my stiff shaft was visible through the slimy wet mesh. 

Oh and I had a tight rubber co-ck ring round the base of my balls to make them stand out and for the added sensation of knowing that as soon as I got stiff my expansion would be trapped and my penis was not going to go down any time soon.  I was lying on my back like this getting more and more excited just as a group of thong-wearing topless girls walked close by. taking a real good look.  The pressure in my shaft and balls increased even more making my penis rock hard and fully erect and it even started throbbing and bobbing up and down under the thong. My pre c*u*m juices just oozed as my shaft throbbed making the whole experience electric.  As my excitement just kept increasing I was getting ever ‘closer’ to spurting completely as other women walked past and peeked a look at my full-on, barely covered and now occasionally jerk-ing erection. 

I stayed like that for ages daring myself in the knowledge my penis and balls could not take much more stimulation and were already jam packed to the pi-ss slit with boiling hot se-m-en.  I just knew an extra little gust of breeze over my shaft or a particularly sexy girl checking me out or if I brushed my fingers over my nipples once too many times to remove the sand and I knew I would have spurted massively right through the mesh.  I was pushing my dare to the limit secretly hoping my senses would be overcome by one of these sensations much too soon afer another!  But I was not going to turn over. I managed to hold off  c-u-ming but I could not prevent the the occasional short spurts of pre-c-u=m which you get when you are close to c-u-ming.  This made sure my knob and the front of my thong got noticably more glisteningly shiny and ji-zz slicked.  My excitement lasted until I left!   I'm sure many young guys get boners in their baggy board shorts but I'm sure not many guys on a non-nude beach would have the balls to only just cover their erect and bursting penis in nothing more than a flimsy bit of transparent narrow mesh.

I also have g-strings in which I have to point down in very low cut and push-out type thongs and strings.  The type which push everything far out in front into a sort of  bag and covers my balls and shaft like a glove but covers absolutely nothing else!   Not even a centimetre of skin above, below or to the side of my balls is covered by these snug fitting and ultra minimal pouches. There's not even any cover over the back and sides, just two thin pieces of elastic and a string just as thin right up my ar-se crack.  When I get excited in this type of suit I've found myself with a nice and very obvious bulge hanging down between my legs and pushed out around 3 or 4 inches in front  of  my legs.  This can be quite sexy and feels great as my very noticably engorged penis lops from side to side as I walk down the beach.  Banana man I hear you say!  

One of my favourite thongs is a low cut mesh thong with a fairly small pouch at the front .  The mesh has a light blue pattern on a silvery white background but apart from the colour this thong was one of the most 'open' weave and see-through mesh thongs I have ever worn.   I hadn't started to shave everything off yet but I had trimmed back my pubes so as not to spoil the view of my penis and balls.  But it wasn't just that everything was on show in this thong, but the sides are impossibly thin.  The front is basically a pouch and the sides are very narrow and only near the top of the pouch front do the minutely triangular sides even start.  In fact the sides are not much more than 1 inch wide as they leave the pouch and quickly reduce to less than a quarter inch wide mid-front of my legs, over my hips and across my buttocks,with an equally narrow strap diving deep into my arse crack.  So my thong was pretty daring, but I decided to spice it up even more by placing my penis pointing right into the top corner of my pouch and into the apex of the triangle so that it was not only extremely conspicuous as it grew but angled dangerously right up towards the tiny top and side straps.  Oh and like all my other thongs and g-strings there wasn't a top draw-string to keep everything in place.  I would have to rely on the elastic!

The result was that on beach my shaft was soon trying to grow stiff but had nowhere much to grow as of course the pouch was much too low at the front for it to expand upwards and the 1 inch side was simply too narrow to point my shaft into the side.  Anyway the sides quickly disappeared to nothing mid-way across the front of my leg and couldn't cover anything more than a pencil and certainly couln't cover a thick shaft.  So there was really not much room left for my penis to expand into!  My knob was in danger of forcing itself out over the top or slipping under the leg strap.  I was pretty excited in this thong but once again I wore my tight rubber co*ck ring round the base of my balls to add to the dare.  As soon as my penis got excited it was going to stay excited and just get more and more engorged with blood and cu-m until I was ready to burst.  The tightness of my thong also meant my knob was straining to get free and the constant excitement in my tackle meant my co-ck had filled my thong and constantly straining agaist its tight enclosure.   This was going to be a really dangerous dare and a struggle to keep everything under wraps as the females walked by and checked me out.   

Sure enough as my excitement built the tip started to peek out from under the side.  The side was just too narrow to contain any further growth and I started to push outwards at the base of my penis while my thong started to lift away quite noticably from my hip.  My knob soon started to dribble making my hip and side of my thong wet through and slippery.  I was constantly fiddling with myself, pulling my penis back under the thong which only made the thong and hip even more slippery with juices.  

Trying to pull my penis back from showing in such a tight space meant that my foreskin eventually slipped right back too.  Now every time I moved my penis away from the straining elastic edge it slid straight back with my unsheathed bell-end soon angling itself right into the top corner of my thong.  Each time I adjusted myself it felt like the edge was lifted up that bit more by my unstoppable penis.  Luckily my thong was very tight as I always buy them a size or two smaller, if it wasn't so tight I would have burst free!  Even so carefully running my fingers along the edge of my pouch where it meets the underside of my leg strap to check I was covered, I could feel the tip of my helmet  just held back by the tight side strap but partly uncovered as the strap was forced away from my lap.  My knob was clearly peeking out from under the thong now.  I could even feel my frenum peeking from under the strap.  My peeping knob must have been quite visible to girls on my left.  It  felt like my thong and penis was so slimy and I was so excited that next time I tried to pull my knob back it would just slide straight out from under the edge. The dare was getting even better and I loved it!

I was by now obviously very excited.   But I wasn't about to turn onto my front as I just loved getting checked out by passers by who by now could easily see a large and glistening wet, skinned back purple helmet.  The sticky mesh clung to my knob head and penis making every ridge visible.  All these female glances was exciting me more and more, especially when a topless thong wearing cutie walked past.  Now I was as far as my excitement could go as with no further excitement my heavily slicked penis might just stay mostly covered with luck.  I was in a thrilling trap because any further stimulus from a passing topless girl in a thong or g-string and things would end in one of 2 ways.  Either there would be absolutely no way I could stop my slippery penis from sliding from under the ji-zz coated side as it throbbed and grew and no way I could squeeze it all back in my thong once it filled out with even more blood rushing to my extremity.  Or if I tried to pull my knob back, by now my penis was so incredibly excited and my balls so full of cu-m held in my tight co-ck ring that just another touch or another thonging chick and I was likely to spurt a huge load of spe-rm right there in front of her!

I went for a swim in the hope of cooling my ardour.  Although this did cool things down a little, in a sense this only made matters worse as my thong was now very much more see-through with wetness.  As I walked back to my towel through the waves with my penis still angled up towards the top corner of my triangular pouch, the cooling effect of the sea on my sp-unk packed knob and balls made my my knob gently ooze uncontrollably.  It felt like at least a couple of eggcups full of ji-zz and slippery pi-ss drained out of my knob as I came out of the sea.  As the water ran off my body I could see I was left with a slimy shiny pouch over my knob and shaft.  My thong now lookedsuper shiny like polished metal right over my unsheathed bell end.  Worse, as I looked down I could see that as the remaining water draining off my body I could see my ji-zz dribbling from my pouch in long gloopy drops.   So now my thong was also even more slippery over my knob and my knob was more likely to slide free,  As if I needed any more slippiness over my penis! 

As I walked up the beach,  some topless girls in thongs were checking me out, with their eyes fixed on the slimy and glistening front of my  thong and probably realising what had just happened.  My thong over my knob must have been coated with so much thick pre-c-u-m that it must have looked to those girls like my knob had been dipped in shiny sticky syrup for them!!  Of course as I checked myself out I could also see my thong had now turned almost invisibly clear because of the water and ji-zz and my deep purple knob and shaft now glistened in the sun just like my oiled chest as if my thong wasn't there.  Everything showed right through the mostly silvery-white with a splash of pale blue mesh as if I was wearing almost clear cellophane.  All this attention as well as the thrill and super slippiness over my knob meant my knob just grew and grew from slightly shrunken to a curved, trapped thick snake almiost at full excitement and pushing dangerously towards the elastic edges of the narrow side trying to burst free and expand straight.  The girls must have seen my penis actually expand and fill my pouch before their eyes.  I was lucky it didn't pop right out, in fact as soon as I walked by I just had to fiddle around to pull my knob back from the edges and I had to pull the tight narrow side straps tighter until the back felt like cheesewire across my anus just so I could keep the front real tight.  But it was no good, my helmet was growing larger and ready to slide right out from underneath the super slippery edges just as i got back to my towel.  So after a few minutes trying to calm things down I decided it was no good and I had to seek out a quite cove which I suspected might be nudist or liberal enough to not mind. 

There I took my thong off and and lay on my back.  I let my penis lie on my hips and stomach.  Now the snake was free it grew quite a lot more and straightened out but fortunately it wasn't quite a stiffie, although it wasn't too far off at all really!!  Looking down I could see my engorged deep red shaft pointing towards my navel, 6 or 7 inches long bending a little like a banana topped by a glistening purple helmet which just oozed and oozed onto my belly.  An old man suddenly appeared and started to wa-nk himself as he stared at me.  I don't really like being watched by gays so I went for another swim and stayed there for some time. 

After he'd gone and the beach was quieter I couldn't contain myself until I got home.  So with people still in the distance and the occasional passer by on the cliff path around 50ft high and perhaps 70 feet behind me which had a pretty open view of the beach and me on it below, I decided I could wait no longer.  I sat up facing the sea with my legs about 2 or 3 feet apart and my knees bent at 45 degrees and started slapping my now over 9 inch long penis on the underside of my left thigh.  I slapped and wan-ked it up and down really fast, furiously bouncing it back and forth and from side to side and bending it down and backwards beyond what you;d think was possible.  As I did all this my knob oozed and grew redder and stiffer, sloppily hitting the pebbles and then my  leg,  Occasionally I'd let my finger and thumb slip tightly over my skinned helmet, giving my fingers a good half or full turn as I twisted them tightly round my bulging knob ridge.  I alternated this by wildly pushing my knob through two fingers in a V shape making sure that I always rubbed my bony knuckles tightly over my super stimulated ridge.  

Deep down I was expecting, even hoping and actually pretty sure I'd be seen at any moment from the path behind which wouldn't be too difficult really.  The path to all the beaches was beginning to get busy with people going back to the resort as all the beaches emptied of the remaining sunseekers, so instead of the occasional couple of people a minute it was now more like a dozen or more passing a minute.   So I decided I had to go further with my exhibitionism and it was to be now or never to do what I had never done before or since.  I started leaning a little further back until I was resting on my left elbow while I carried on wan-king my shaft pointing down between my legs, which by now I'd spreadeagled wide and straight out in front so as not to hide anything.  Now it would be pretty clear to any passers-by exactly what I was doing, whether from the side or watching me from the path above.  Some minutes later I shuddered from tip to toe and spurted an unbelievable load of spu-nk 3 or 4  feet in front of me on the pebbles not knowing or caring who was watching or saw this happen, which I guess was very likely as some voyeur-types would have stayed to watch everything..  I fell back onto the beach, letting my shaft spring right up as it fell stiff upright onto my belly.  I lay there with my penis blood red and slimy, not bothered at all how many on the path saw my dribbling huge knob.  I stayed like that for some time until it had subsided when I dressed and went home.  That was truly the best wa-nk I've ever ever had, all brought on by wearing a tiny see-through thong.

Wearing daring thongs and T backed strings in the company of sexy girls makes the whole thing an exciting sensuous experience.  I just love the thrill of wearing something way too small for my expanding knob and the frisson of keeping my penis under some sort of cover.  If I didn't prefer nowadays  going nude on nudist beaches I'm sure I'd try wearing my latest string which is more like a co-ck sock with side strings.  I know that in this string my penis will point almost upright in its mesh tube when I lie down and if I got excited which walking around there'd be no stopping my shaft from moving upright!

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Good for you for having the nerve to wear a thong like that at the beach. I think women have the advantage when it comes to having sexy clothes.


Great story, nice desc<x>ription...

Good to hear other guys luv wearing thongs too!<br />
<br />
I much prefer thongs other underwear too - turn myself on quite a lot know wearing them ;-)

I have worn thongs to the beach many times have never been to one like that,very hot

Ella - I'd love you to have watched me too! But if you'd have stared too long I'd probably have spurted there and then! :) Thanks everyone else as well. Argent, I love the way my knob struggles to burst out of a small and tight g-string. I do love nudist beaches but so far haven't been brave enough to show a full erection on the beach. I've let it grow quite large but as soon as it grows too much I've always turned over. But with a g-string my penis is covered and looks acceptable from a distance and I feel hidden. Its only close up in my very narrow fronted thong that my upright and pretty much erext penis is visible through the mesh and I'm almost as good as nude. I suppose what little cover there is gives me some security and confidence which allows me to get stiffer. Maybe a small distinction, and one I aim to overcome as next time I go to a nudist beach when I get fully erect I'll just lie there and show it off!

That's an amazing story. I loved going to nude beaches wearing just a thong as well, nothing daring back then although I have one sexy thongs and g-strings now. I prefer wearing something like that as opposed to being fully nude as being nude just feels so normal and not that exciting to me.

That's an amazing story. I loved going to nude beaches wearing just a thong as well, nothing daring back then although I have one sexy thongs and g-strings now. I prefer wearing something like that as opposed to being fully nude as being nude just feels so normal and not that exciting to me.

I just discovered this story, and wow is it hot! I'd have loved to have been on that beach watching you!

Slipping on a skimpy t backed g-string starts to get me hard too, especially when I'm trying to stuff my growing penis into a way too small pouch! The smaller the pouch the more difficult this gets and believe me I do have some micro small pouches which cup my balls and shaft and cover absolutely nothing else! Then I love to pull the sides up really tight until the backstrap is rubbing up into my anus as I walk around! Elasticated strings are best, as every time I hoist the sides higher the back is pulled tighter into my sphincter by the elastic. This inevitably produces an effect in my knob which just oozes juices and the overall sensation keeps the tiny sleeve of cover filled with my throbbing penis trying to burst free. Other than going nude and showing an excited c-o-c-k to all the horny chicks there's nothing better than the feel of being checked out in a flimsy and slicked-up tiny see-through g-string so arse splittingly tight its ready to tear!! (Once a side string did rip while I was putting a g-string on at home, lucky I wasn't at the beach yet!)

Phew ! what a story ! I am a big fan of the Tback g's like off your butt, and the smaller narrow cut g's just get me so horny. Yes I'm married and allegedly straight...but reading about your low cut and push-out style g's has got me hard ! Love wearing em with a **** ring like you....OMG that makes me feel HUGE ! That and the strap up my butt is a double turn-on.

That's a good story you are just like me love to show it off