My First Thong!

I have always loved Thongs on Women (found it erotic gatching an unintentional glimpse of whale tail!). Until this week I have never worn anything skimpier than briefs, however this week I bit the bullet any bought a cotton/lycra thong from the internet. I love it! if feels comfortable and makes me feel sexy. I wore it for work today (hidden) and it was a buzz. What do women feel about men wearing thongs? I would like your opinions.

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5 Responses Mar 8, 2010

my wife hates it when i wear anything other than a thong. she says she likes my bum in them and they dont show through my trousers.<br />
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her female friends mostly know about my thongs (women talk to each other about this stuff) some are freaked out ,some are cool about it.<br />
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just enjoy your thongs from now on. <br />
i only wear mine for myself for the comfort. if others cant get their head rond it who cares?

There is also that horrible stigma of associating men who wear Thongs with male erotic dancers and body builders.<br />
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All that aside, if it is comfortable, do it!<br />
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I read an article recently where the author was discussing the theory of increased cased of yeast infection with the wearing of thongs. Although there were no conclusive findings that it is true (the stats may not include other health / sanitary habits of those polled), there was a comment that if women were so worried about it, then there should be a jock strap-type bottom for women. <br />
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I laughed at that one. But, talk about the bootty lift they could get?

My wife did not care, at least not that she has told me. The only comments she had were:<br />
1. make sure you wipe good after taking a crap<br />
2. Do not wear them when we are trying to get pregnant (this is a misconception that they are similar to tighty-whities and my cut down on ***** count.)

i love wearing thonds and want to find a girl near me who will like me for wearing them and i can tell them i love wearing them... they feel so so good on my skin

I think most women just agree with the rest of the pack and act as a pair of sheep... They all think it is gross because fashion dictates it is.. If more famous men would wear a thong it would get better.. My gf loves it and i know a few other women who like a man in a thong.. Wear what you think is comfortable and feels good.