My First Footjob

When I was 16 I had a mad crush on a classmate whom I'll call Tim. Tim wasn't exactly the most popular of guys, and I wasn't either for that matter, mainly because I kept to myself. We were in biology together and we hit it off. He was straight and I by no means was going to tell him I wasn't. Luckily I am straight acting.He always wore Sperry Top Siders with no socks and I'd ignore the entire class and just stare at his ankles. And he would constantly wiggle his toes in his shoes and that drove me nuts. There was a project in the class that required a partner and we wanted to work together.

The weekend before the project was due, he suggested we work on it at his place. We got the project done by about 9pm and his mom said I was welcome to stay over if I wanted to. I got permission from my folks and we stayed up watching movies and I droned on about how much I wanted to get in a girls panties. Tim had a big room with a futon mattress and he unrolled a spare for me. As we were getting ready to crash it was time for the big reveal...those shoes came off and his feet were everything I dreamed.

I thought they'd be pungent from wearing shoes with no socks all the time, but they weren't at all (and I was glad, I don't like odor). Tim was knocked out as soon as his head hit the pillow, but I was wide awake and trembling because the urge to play with his feet was overpowering. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I sat up and could see his feet sticking out from the covers. I crept over and lightly ran my finger down his soles. No movement. I wedged a finger in between his toes, no reaction save for his snoring. My member was throbbing so much I thought it would break.

I took it out and felt the tip of my **** head. It was still dry. Cautiously I just put it between his two soles and remained still. His feet twitched and wiggled in his sleep and I bit my tongue to keep from moaning. I noticed things began to get slick and thought I'd better pull it back if I'm pre ******* already, but then he turned over, locking my **** there by crossing his feet. I froze and braced myself in case he woke ready to fight. In a few minutes he moaned rubbing my **** with his feet as he began to breathe heavier and begin snoring.

His feet continued to rub, my **** sliding on the top of one foot, while rubbing the sole of his other one. I was beginning to get woozy from the sensation overload when he rolled over again, onto his belly. My **** was now free, painfully hard, and cold from being wet with pre **** exposed to the air. I grabbed the bath towel I used and patted his feet dry carefully. Tim slept on. The warm towel felt good on my penis and the urge to *** abated. I was going to crawl back to my mat when I looked over at his feet. Damn they looked good.

I shouldn't push my luck. But it felt so good. And I was 99% sure I'd never get the chance again, so I said to myself okay, I'll just rub his soles with the tip of my ****, dry any wetness with the towel and shoot into it when I needed to *** and he'll never know. His meaty toes flinched at first, but slowly nestled around my **** head. I was about to start to work my way up his sole when he started slowly wiggling his toes. I looked up but he was still fast asleep. His long toes gripped the head and released it as his right foot slid down to where the ball of his foot was on my balls. The right foot began to gently pat and rock them back and forth.

That was all I could take and I tried to pull away to make for the towel but his left foot had a vice grip on my **** and I shot my load. *** shot up his sole and heel while oozing between his clenched toes. He finally relaxed his grip. How the hell was he STILL asleep?!? My hands are gripped on both corners on the end of the futon and my **** is bunny hoping smacking his heavily cummed soles making more of a mess.

I finally got to the towel and cleaned it up not caring if he woke up because Tim was not getting up for nothing. I crawled back into my bed and collapsed. The next morning ironically Tim was up first bright eyed and busy tailed. I wake up feeling something heavy on my chest. It was Tim's feet. He was looking down at me with this smirk on his face. I prepared for the worst. "I felt you playin with my feet last night." His feet slid down to my crotch and parked themselves there. "And it wasn't with your finger." I didn't move thinking this was one *** whooping I'd have to take. "If you wanted to jerk off all you had to do was say so."

He then slid his hand down his boxers and nudged my ****. "Take it out." he flatly said. Before I could ask about his folks he blurted "they're at work and your folks aren't picking you up til 1." I took it out and he wrapped those feet around my ****. "It's just jerkin off" he said inbetween labored huffs. "No big deal." After we both came he told me we were still cool, but that's the last time I'll have his feet and he hoped I got "into girls".
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This story gave me an instant ***** because I've done exactley the same thing with my friend Sam, he said I kept touching his feet in the night and I just said oh sorry I move about in the night since we were in the same bed ;)

:) Thank you so much everyone!

What an amazing story! The only thing better than getting to play with a guy's sleeping feet is to hear a story about it - great detail and I'm so glad the ending was a happy one.

wow - great story

Sounds hot to me NakedDriver and I bet you give a mean footjob too ;)

<b>totally cool!</b><br />
i have yet to give a footjob but have *** on a guy's feet and had others *** on mine. i've also sucked guys' fluids and dribbled them on their feet.