Hi. i love to ********** thinking of male feet :$. who wants to share pics or talk to me? ;)
adejorge adejorge
22-25, M
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I'm game, just added you.

Me a few later

please share your feet pic then all enjoy

I have pics of my feet. enjoy

Would love to see other guys feet.

And I don't know why I didn't say before, but what you've posted about above, that's exactly what I do, more or less! ;) Glad you've friended me ;)

Your post is from a long time ago, but I am new on here & I love mens bare feet too, but only nice enough looking young men! That's why Im on here! I might be a bit older, but I look good for my age! My feet look quite boyish on the top, but the skin on my soles has got coarser in the last few years, cos of various barefoot escapades Ive had that I could share with you if you like! Im quite happy to post more on here if anyone asks about my "barefoot escapades/experiences", or I could message you ;)

Inbox me :)

I do

Only interested in men. Over 25 years old

Me too. I love to have male feet on mine

what up let talk

me too

I do to and ill try to share a picture

Have you done more than ********** thinking bout it? Did you ever get a chance to play with a dudes feet yet?

yes, I invited my cousins home to sleep. and then at midnight I played with their feet xD

me? add me as ur friend i want to talk to you :)

Add me as a friend if u would like. We can talk about our shared likes!

Yes I would like it!

I woud love to and much more ... if you are old over 18 ...

ooh. i'm under 18 :/